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HITACHI MB-S1 v0.5.2 is released. HITACHI MB-S1 is a emulator for Model05 Emulator from Hitachi.

HITACHI MB-S1 v0.5.2 Changelog:
2020-04-21 Version 1.7.2
-Fixed the problem that it doesn't start in other than Japanese environment.
-A message is displayed when changing the sampling rate of the sound menu.
-[Mac version] Fixed a problem that a warning sound was emitted when pressing a key on the virtual keyboard.
2020-04-11 Version 1.7.1
-Fixed the problem that the KB register was cleared when there was no input after releasing the key.
-Fixed the problem that 400ms sound delay in the menu could not be specified.
-The screen display when changing the CRTC cursor skew was brought closer to the actual machine.
-[Debugger] Made it possible to see from which device the interrupt signal is generated when tracing.
-[Debugger] Changed to retain the register contents for 100 to 1000 lines for traceback.
-[Mac version] Fixed a problem that the screen may not be displayed at the next startup if the application is closed in full screen.
-[Mac version] The slider in the sound volume dialog is now vertical.

Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v0.5.2 x86
Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v0.5.2 x64
Source: Here

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