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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.100.1 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.100.1 Changelog:
Fixed a regression where opening a FileChooser dialogue box made Negatron crash on Linux.
Fixed the Linux startup shell script of the cross-platform pack to accept early access version of Java 11+.
Fixed a macOS bug where videos could be displayed in the top-left corner of the pane instead of the expected enlarged centered view.
Fixed video aspect ratios to always stick to a pretty 4/3 ratio, typical of old CRTs, for video files that aren't formatted with a 16/9 ratio.
Fixed image aspect ratios of the in-game content tabs to always stick to a pretty 4/3 ratio, typical of old CRTs, for pictures that aren't formatted with a 16/9 ratio.
Improved Lua plugin management from the Global Configuration pane to make it compatible with MAME internal UI and Arcade64 (arcade-only MAME derivative).
Improved favourites management by making the machine list also scroll to the selection for a fast switching between the favourites view and the normal view.
Added a new practical feature: now Negatron remembers and launches directly on the last selection of the last session, it being a machine, a software or a favourite.
Migrated to VLCj 4.5.2.
Migrated to OpenJDK and OpenJFX 14.0.1.

Download: Negatron v0.100.1
Source: Here

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