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Hhugboy v1.3.0 is released. HhugBoy is a Game Boy (Color) emulator for Windows, based on GEST v1.1.1 by TM, with added support for unlicensed mappers, Unicode filenames, screenshots and some other stuff. Released under GPL v2.

Hhugboy v1.2.8 Changelog:
New mapper support: Sachen MMC1, Sachen MMC2, Mani M161, Rocket Games, Wisdom Tree (NewRisingSun)
MMM01 mapper rewritten & implemented properly (NewRisingSun)
Support bootstrap ROMs named cgb_boot.bin or dmg_boot.bin (NewRisingSun)
Fix certain Unicode filenames corrupting config file (NewRisingSun)
Note this changes the encoding of file paths, so if you are using a config file from an older version, you will have to redefine them
Fix rendering issues causing wrong colours in 32-bit rendering and 16-bit when using colour mixing (NewRisingSun)
Fix font file handle being kept open (NewRisingSun)
Reverse default A and B buttons to X and Z to reflect real console order
(default turbo A and B buttons are also reversed accordingly)
Don't activate menus when pressing Alt alone so it can be used as an input

EmuCR: HhugBoy

Download: Hhugboy v1.3.0
Source: Here

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