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Swiss r990 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@emukidid committed:
Prompt for unreadable cheat files
Remember cheat selections whilst in the game info menu
@Extrems committed:
Add AIGetDMAStartAddr and PrepareExec signatures found in Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk May 2004.
Improve AIInitDMA signature matching.
Add list of streaming audio titles.
Make hypervisor builds without streaming audio emulation.
Enable disc read speed emulation for SD Card Adapter.
Determine device emulated features from current settings.
Prioritize disc read speed emulation over memory card emulation.
Find DoMount.
Don't fail on flash ID checksum error.
Patch all found function variants.
Find __EXIProbe on its own.
Update apploader. (extremscorner/cubeboot-tools@c53e4cf)
Fix SDLOADER.BIN build with devkitPPC release 37.
Update Redump database.
Set both discs in 2 Games in 1 as audio streaming.
Adjust screen position on the fly.
Clean up and update SRAM stuff.
Clear SRAM on bad checksum.
Use patch-free apploader for generic boot images.
Update FatFs to R0.14a.
Include base directory.
Add reload stub.
Install exception handlers in reload stub.
Add dummy clocks after select/deselect.
Minor changes.
Go to virtual mode for dollz3.
Set SRAM video mode when cleared.
Add ELF loading support.
Add ELF file icon.
Less hacky read queue.
Support ELFs as alternate executable.
Sort main DOL to the top.
Fix FST overread.
Clear disc header when backing out.

Download: Swiss r990

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