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EmuCR:My NesMy Nes GTK v3.5.7796.9600 is released. My Nes GTK is a nes emuator written in .net C#. It can run an Windows(R) and Linux platforms. It uses GTK# for menus, SDL.NET for emulator window.

- My Nes GTK Interface Features
Uses GTK# which is an easy-to-use multi-platform interface.
A good launcher interface, allows to easily select and run games.
Uses NesCart DB to show and use accurate game information.
Allows to easily edit and change the emulation settings.

- My Nes SDL
Run game in windowed or fullscreen mode with useful video options like keep aspect ratio.
Ability to save snapshots of current game.
Save and load state ability.

- My Nes Core Features

• Accuracy, My Nes pass almost all known nes tests by emulating the real hardware behaviors without any kind of emulation
• Multi-threaded Emulator, the emulation process run in thread separated from renderer threads.
This may improve
performance especially with multi core cpus.

My Nes Emulation Specification

• CPU 6502: All CPU 6502 instructions implemented including the so called illegal opcodes.
• Interrupts: Implement exact interrupt timings like interrupt check before the last instruction behavior
• PPU: Implement the Picture Processor Unit as described in the wiki docs
http://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/PPU_rendering with exact timing
• Palettes: Implement the palette generator of NTSC video as described at
• TV Formats: NTSC, PALB and DENDY.
• Sound: Implement all Nes 5 sound channels, MMC5 external sound channels and VRC6 external sound channels.
• Sound Playback: Frequency can be 22050 Hz, 44100 Hz or 48000 HZ. Bit rate fixed to 16 bit, channels fixed to Mono.
Also, My Nes implement the exact Mixer as descriped at http://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/APU_Mixer
(i.e. low-pass and high-pass filters).
• Mappers And Boards: Implement about 97% of known and documented mappers
• Controllers: 4 players joypads, each joypad is playable through Keyboard, Joystick or XBox360 Game Controller (XInput).
Also Game Genie is implemented as well.

My Nes GTK v3.5.7796.9600 Changelog:
Added: Enable Resolution Upscale in video settings
Added: Enable Brightness adjust in video settings
Removed: Palette settings

Download: My Nes GTK v3.5.7796.9600
Source: Here

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