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NullDC-BEAR v1.92 is released. A nullDC ALL-IN-ONE Launcher and optimizer to ensure easy setup for nullDC(Naomi/Atomidwave/Dreamcast), Mednafen(NES/SNES/Genesis/MegaDrive/GBA/GBC/Neo-Geo Pocket/PSX/Saturn/Famicom Disk Drive) and optimized settings for a smooth gameplay experiance. Easy setup easy connection, minimal effort maximum performance.

NullDC-BEAR changelog:
Added: Completely New Downloader Code
Added: 7z support for unzipping DLC (This means a ton more options when it comes to unzipping stuff)
Added: Redirected URL support
Added: 1080p Option which is on by default to reduce sprite breaks on UHD Monitors
Added: NoKey Option for Mednafen so you can play on public servers with no password at all
Added: Default global settings for MVC2 Mixes so they should all work just as well as the original now
Added: Sorting for FreeDLC Search
Fixed: CDDA Audio (KOF, Plasma Sword, MK:Gold, etc)
Fixed: Dreamcast Spectator Desync when spectating a Client (Hopefully anyway)
Fixed: Crash when the host of the game leaves before VMU sync is finished
Fixed: NullDC Console being a black box if you choose to not show it in the settings.
Fixed: Broken DLC Links (Some SNES/NES games might require a re-download so the roms match between the players again)
Fixed: DLC Search now does a secondary sort by platform

Download: NullDC-BEAR v1.92
Source: Here

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