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EmuCR: RetroBatRetroBat v4.0.1 is released. RetroBat is a set of Batch and Powershell scripts written to easily configure and launch EmulationStation for Windows. This frontend software is intended to gather your ROMs collection and run games with compatible emulators such as RetroArch. RetroBat can download and install all the softwares you need to have a good retrogaming experience on your PC. RetroBat is designed to run in Portable Mode. It means that you can either start it from HDD or from any removable storage device, as long as you do it on a computer that meets the requirements.

RetroBat v4.0.1 changelog:
=+-> New Supportedd Systems <-+=

- Apple II gs (Gsplus).
- FM-Towns (Tsugaru & MAME64).
- Oric Atmos (Oricutron).
- Sharp X1 (Retroarch).
- EasyRPG (Retroarch).
- Tyrquake (Retroarch).
- Tic80. (Retroarch).
- Teknoparrot.
- Flash Player. (Thanks to AureyoBoss)
- Löve.
- Pico8 (retro8 et pico8).
- Add Supervision (Retroarch).
- Add Channel-F (Retroarch).

=+-> Nouvelles Features <-+=

- Addition of a Gui 'BatGui' to facilitate the use of the Retrobat.ini + other features) Thank you Reppa.
- Redefining Controls
- Random intro video.
- Automatic execution when Windows starts.
- Activation / Deactivation of the autoconfiguration of the controllers by system and not more than global.
- Model2 / Model3: Reshader management (Supermodel & Model2emu).
- Model2 / Model3: Added support for bezels (Supermodel & Model2emu).
- Dolphin: Added support for bezels (Standalone).
- FM-Towns: Added support for bezels (Tsugaru).
- AppleII gs: Added support for bezels (Gsplus).
- PS2: Added support for bezels. (PCSX2 Standalone).
- Neo.Geo CD: Added support for shaders (Raine).
- Neo.Geo: Added support for shaders (Raine).
- New Save State "Slot" system (Retroarch).
- Automatic language detection on EmulationStation and Retroarch.
- Added new options for the NETPLAY.
- Addition of background music. (* .mp3 & * .ogg)
- Added shuffle video playback on startup.
- Added DuckStation (Standalone) (Playstation)
- Added Kodi multimedia Player.
- Added Kega-Fusion emulator (Standalone)
- Added MAME64 standalone.
- Added support for RyujinX (Standalone) (Switch)
- Added WINUAE standalone. (Amiga)
- Addition of the pure Dosbox core (DOS) (Retroarch)
- Addition of the MESEN emulator (nes)
- Added RetroAchievment
- Addition of the PADTOKEY function (A kind of Xpadder / JoyToKey integrated into ES)
- Added XEMU emulator (Xbox)
- Addition of a user manual directly accessible from Retrobat (ES)
- New integrated RetroBat update system
- New settings options on EmulationStation for:

=> Cores :
citra (3ds)
dosbox pure (dos)
flycast (dreamcast, naomi, atomiswave)
gambatte (gameboy, gameboy color)
genesis plus gx (master system, megadrive, megacd)
genesis plus gx wide(screen) (master system, megadrive, megacd, 32x)
mame2003 plus
mednafen psx hw (ps1)
pcsx rearmed (ps1)
mednafen saturn (saturn)
mesen (nes)
mupen64plus (n64)
pcsx rearmed (ps1)
potator (supervision)
ppsspp (psp)
picodrive (master system, megadrive, megacd, 32x)
snes9x (super nes, super nes msu 1)
fbneo (arcade, neogeo, neogeo cd)
kronos (saturn)
puae (amiga)

=> Standalone :
raine (neogeo, neogeo cd)
pcsx2 (ps2)
dolphin (gamecube, wii, wad)
duckstation (ps1)
daphne (laserdisc)
supermodel (model3)

=+-> Correction <-+=

- Update of standalone emulators.
- Upgrade to RetroArch 1.9.5
- The roms folder "n3ds" becomes "3ds"
- The "Model2" games must be in the "roms\model2" folder and not "roms\model2\roms"
- Yuzu: Auto-fullscreen re-works on new versions of Yuzu.
- Dolphin Standalone: Added missing buttons on auto-config (L & R).
- Added support for ".ps3" files as on Batocera (experimental).
- Cave Story: Added support for the * .exe extension (Retroarch).
- Several minor fixes.

Download: RetroBat v4.0.1

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