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Noufu v1.0 is released. DMG-01 emulator written in modern C++ using Win32 API and SDL2. It is intended as a hobby project to sharpen my C++ skills. The emulator is not complete, so it might have some issues. Please don't hesitate to open an issue if you find any.

Noufu Features:
Able to emulate many of the common games with reasonable speed and accuracy.
Configurable with config.ini (see the below section for more information).
Accurate CPU emulation (passes Blargg's CPU tests).
Adequate PPU emulation (passes dmg-acid2 test). This emulator uses Pixel FIFO, as opposed to common scanline renderer.
Supported cartridge types: Plain ROM, MBC1, MBC1+RAM, and MBC1+RAM+BATTERY. MBC1 RAM savestates are supported.
Ability to preview the background map up to three tiles.
Allows custom colour palettes.
Ability to take screenshots to .bmp files.

Noufu changelog:
Update readme

Download: Noufu v1.0
Source: Here

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