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Swiss r1138 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@emukidid committed:
Tidy file management code, now available only via Z trigger
Add option to show hidden files #547
Add file/dir rename support #491 #514
Add delete dir support #514
Add delete prompt
Fix DrawGetTextEntry memory leak
Fix focus issue when cancelling from Recent list
Remove .gci from known file types list since it has no handler
Add NPDP unlock sequence #506
Add option to toggle the recent list (on/lazy/off) #553
Fix memory leak introduced from NPDP commit
Fix copy prompt failing to pop up, fix cancelling copy
@Extrems committed:
Use region code 3 for boot image.
Set El Torito platform to PowerPC.
Clamp analog sticks to -127,127 range.
Don't attempt to target logic/subtract blend modes.
Fix logo animation speed between NTSC/PAL.
Record highest GC Loader firmware version seen.
Don't prompt for firmware update if user has downgraded.
Unset breakpoint.
Update Redump database.

Download: Swiss r1138

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