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Hhugboy v1.3.4 is released. HhugBoy is a Game Boy (Color) emulator for Windows, based on GEST v1.1.1 by TM, with added support for unlicensed mappers, Unicode filenames, screenshots and some other stuff. Released under GPL v2.

Hhugboy v1.3.4 Changelog:
Vast Fame original mapper support
Integration with LibGBlink to assist with reverse engineering cartridge mappers using the actual cartridge in a connected Game Boy (this one has pretty niche appeal) (maybe the audience is just me)
Overhaul visual rumble feature, fix games that didn't "rumble" at all, & simulate different "strengths" of rumble e.g. Pokemon Pinball EU ver.
Fix saving for MBC2 games (FF Legend, FF Adventure etc)
A bunch of behind-the-scenes changes to how mappers & saving work. This should mostly have no perceptible effect but might've fixed some obscure bugs around loading savestates using multicarts. However it will also mean old savestates for Tamagotchi 3 won't load in this version. Sorry if anyone was playing that :(

EmuCR: HhugBoy

Download: Hhugboy v1.3.4
Source: Here

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