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Amiberry v5.0 is released. Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc.), that brings you the highest performance Amiga emulation. It’s an open-source project, build with the efforts of several people and based on previous work of others.

Amiberry v5.0 Changelog:
3673829 Updated Display panel help, with info about Auto-Crop
5af5e24 Updated version date
aa78e72 Auto-Crop: Only change Height in DMX approach, to avoid possible problems with width
3c1122d Updated version date
67d0abb Auto-Crop: improved minimum width calculation, for both LowRes and HighRes modes
7cc0c09 Remove floppydrivebridge library from pipelines, as it's now part of Amiberry
61aef7c Updated version date
7eb4d3d Fixed Auto-Crop assigned to custom control
e1ad09b Fixed #923: when auto-crop is enabled, auto-fix options that cause trouble
4b0f81b Fixed incorrect Aspect Ratio when using Auto Crop
See More
66d493d Fixed #922: Auto-Crop rect should be reverted when P96 screens open
33250cb Fixed 919: Auto-Crop would sometimes cause crashes
67a5d09 GUI: Implemented support for SHIFT + Numeric and Symbol keys, in Textboxes and TextFields
002f34b Updated version date
2edea84 AutoCrop performance improvements
727ef6d Updated WHDLoad db to latest version
00e94de Updated version date
fc3b2bb Fixed #917: Controller D-Pad was not mapped until GUI was opened once
4171ea2 Cleanup: Removed assembly routines that were no longer being used
9415505 Updated version date
3a0e9a2 #914 Added uae_pragmas header from host-run
24c3ec1 Renamed Auto-Height to Auto-Crop in GUI
223c03e #916: Fixed crash when starting emulation with Auto-Height enabled
00400b8 Auto crop now also crops image horizontally (Auto-center H/V highly recommended for now)
baabdf1 Updated version date
37c0a1e Commented out genlock related buffers (unused)
b62a9ac Added Auto Crop Image inputevent, possible to map in Custom Controls. Does the same thing auto-height did, but only once and on-demand.
c9f63c7 Minor line drawing and auto-height optimization
da78ab0 Updated readcpu from WinUAE, added missing table68k
d2fd4c1 Keep previous mode when toggling fullscreen
c0f0464 Second 1M ROM bank divided to 2x512k banks
b64d26d CPU/chipset cycle access timing fix
dabcf78 Updated version date
5377dcc Minor improvement when warping mouse in window
9a5b7d3 Speed up Lightwave rendering time when not using frameskip
e3dbf62 Ensure multithreaded drawing option is updated if changed
4394bd0 Fixed path to wget for Apple Silicon targets
3ef5124 WHDBooter: Moved temp files under /tmp/amiberry, cleanup
8e9cbf6 GUI: Fixed JIT FPU showing enabled when it really wasn't
8fa24e6 GUI: Fixed bug where JIT FPU could no longer be selected
90441f2 Fixed RTB files would not be downloaded on OSX targets
6f2d8ff Improved logging during download_file function
2d5fb42 Fixed hardcoded whdboot path in Download XML
cf44b22 Improved handling of download_file for OSX (Intel vs M1)
96a1551 Use wget from fixed path on OSX, fixed download file logging junk
5b4130d Updated version date
e2543c4 Fixed Get Controllers update button would crash Amiberry after recent commits
10a30e6 Fixed linker error about download_file
18337f0 Fixed another reference of download_file, not using string
2fce3bd Fixed references to download_file after previous commit
db114da Inceased debug buffer length in download_file
ff7b785 Fix OSX targets didn't get whdboot directory created/copied
32f9a86 Added prefix_with_whdboot path and use that, instead of hardcoded paths
62e2e38 Changes to correctly find the App bundle filepath so that Data files are loaded from the App bundle instead of from the current directory (#912)
73cffc0 Fixed error cannot pass object of non-trivial type 'std::string' (aka 'basic_string') through variadic function
c016561 Automatically fix old data_dir path if it was identical to the startup path
0c457f2 Updated version date
b8a930d Get configured data path instead of hardcoding data/ in filenames
b39cef4 Updated Copyright years
383d626 VS: Added floppy_sounds in project
27c8b7f Fixed data/ path handling
c147110 Updated version date
1c77d2e Fixed crash in some cases, when running WHDLoad titles and switching between GUI/Emulation
8d02ef3 Updated UAE version to 5.0.0 as well
1bf2e50 Input: Make it easier to see if a device was initialized as a controller or joystick, in the log
c0f9606 Input: Ensure friendlyname is not empty, before returning it
09f6247 Input: Assign joystick name to name as well, during init
1d9d97c Bumped version to 5.0
e16d4f0 Sync filesys with dev
517bae2 VS: Fixed filters file after merges
3f7ea4b Input: Fixed bug where RetroArch mappings would always invalidate the LeftY axis
437f015 Input: If retroarch is used, always show Joystick name in Custom Controls panel
9ddd80f Input: Get both Controller and Joystick names during joystick init
6a5f0fe Optimized internal handling of id generation for custom controls, floppy and HD panels
cba6451 Fixed navigation in Custom Controls
a6a201e Input: added option to set hotkey button, if not using retroarch configs
0aae045 Merged "Analog remap" and "Mousemap" options under "Mousemap". Removed obsolete option from Custom Controls panel
b6ab011 Remap: Implemented navigation for new buttons
4f0f8b2 Remap: Apply and save mapping result to gamecontrollerdb_user.txt
760a0bc Remap: Text workaround for non-SDL2 targets
6f1c94f VS: Fixed Debug-Dmx ARM64 remote working path
61aadb0 Remap: WIP dmx implementation (not fully working yet)
eab00c3 VS: Fixed include paths for DMX project
681a241 Converted controller files to PNG
de14df5 Fixed compile for SDL 2.0.10 as well
9261527 Fixed compiler errors for Dispmanx and OpenGL targets. Not implemented for those yet!
00d463b Fix SDL_FALLTHROUGH caused compile to fail on older SDL2 versions (e.g. Bullseye has 2.0.14)
fde861d VS: added controllers dir in project
02ea644 Remap: WIP implementation of Controller Map window inside guisan
e3d44a0 Minor optimization in Show Message
bd5eb21 Updated controllerMap code with latest version from SDL2
653a212 Merge branch 'remap' into dev
51a8024 Input: Fixed bug where hotkey mappings were never applied
f07b0a6 Fixed potential crash, if button or axis name is NULL
bf3052a Input: Re-enable RetroArch mapping support
2ca7b8d Input: Added default axis mapping array, show it in Custom Controls
87bdd03 Input: WIP - handle custom controls mapping as well
96e5bb8 Increased max buttons to 64, to handle hotkey combinations
fcc7b5c Input: WIP - all events except Custom Controls should be mapped now
ece9d3f Input: WIP - removed events that are already mapped earlier
3d9aeb9 Input: WIP - use WinUAE method of mapping buttons/axes
400f1ae didata: Initialize all fields
a11c57e Minor refactoring in process events
8343920 Added more input events in Custom Controls list
0e1b4dc WIP: Controller handling rewrite, to support axis mapping
4cee37b Input: Fixed bug where RetroArch mappings would always invalidate the LeftY axis
6b3b72a OSX: Skip JIT files until they are supported
9a1fc6b Added missing default whdboot path
909fce6 Fixed #906: After pushing Restart, you could no longer Quit Amiberry
2c63979 Fixed compile options for CLion when using x86-64 target
656f931 Fixed #904: The DMX black background layer would stay on top in some rare cases, when entering the GUI. Triggering an event (e.g. moving the mouse or pressing a key) would show the GUI, but go back to the black element.
46df322 VS: fixed deployment path for Debug-DMX target
27b0bb4 Update README.md
673948f Fixed JIT would not be selected in GUI anymore
e422732 Fixed Enter GUI Hotkey with modifiers was not respected when GUI was open
394eebb Added new whd default options
6621b95 Allow HighDPI mode for GUI window also, if that's the first one that opens
a81470f Fix compile for older GCC versions (e.g. Retropie still has 8.3.0)
a19f2ba Allow High-DPI mode if supported (e.g. OSX)
da3e524 Fixed OSX doesn't have sendfile.h, improved copyfile by using C++17 approach
934b158 Added OSX x86-64 platform, renamed OSX-M1
c4353bb Fixed amiberry doesn't start on OSX #897
eea0c27 Fixed Quit Hotkey would not respect qualifier, improved hotkey handling
c4add58 #900: Fixed typo (should be Device Name, not Volume Name)
4112fb2 #900 Updated usage help text, to indicate correct syntax for -W option
88062da Fixed #900: -W command line did not work (even on WinUAE)
3c96934 Updated version date
8d8ec27 Upgraded floppybridge to latest version, improved compatibility
09f3708 CLion: added WSL toolchain
739cf94 Use 64-bit types for registers, when applicable
ddfdbde Ensure GUI refresh rate is capped at 50-60 FPS
074a188 GUI: Fixed cap_fps for 50/60Hz was inversed
632eb09 Makefile: Only include JIT files if supported
3a13415 #594: Added experimental x86-64 target, with no JIT support
0998b91 Updated cpuemu files from gencpu
fe3e25e Define CPU_64_BIT for aarch64 also
cc12917 Fixed compile error after changes in m68k.h
9f5bebd Added bash script to compile gencpu
68152aa Comment out fpp reset function that is not implemented in x86
53dd8a2 Make gencpu output code valid for both x86 and ARM
e7fa3ba Added gencpu.cpp file
9ad6422 Moved is_hdf_rdb function to more relevant area
d40966d newcpu: use system defined byteswap function
9dce0aa Fix typo from previous commit
77d1993 Ensure JIT is only selectable in GUI if it's supported
aedc844 Added missing x86 header file for CHD support
3bb248d Put more JIT references behind #ifdefs
47d4bea Only toggle JIT if JIT is supported
318f307 Only set JIT cache size on configs if JIT is supported
8479825 treat x86_64 the same way as aarch64, where applicable
d5b39c2 Fix new whd options should be yes/no, not integers
e215ae5 WHDBooter: Better handling of writecache and added quit_on_exit options
50f3c5a WHDBooter: disable AmiQuit for now, cleanup startup-sequence
abb9576 Updated version date
b293ed5 Ensure Quit can only be requested once
6f5f812 WHDBooter: Implemented option to enable writecache (defaults to false)
7321fa0 Exclude pieces when non-ARM CPUs are used
03f5df7 WHDBooter: Use 8MB Fast RAM configs, to allow WHDLoad to cache everything
1648b1f WHDBooter: Added AmiQuit tool, to quit emulator after game exits
ae67d81 WHDBooter: Implemented support for VFAT filesystems
31ebc6c Minor formatting fix in bsdsocket
afa1618 Filesys: Implemented my_existslink and copyfile
0b74ea3 Removed some obsolete code
9d56ad2 Temperature: Fixed missing LED definition in header
2802102 Quickstart: Added 8MB Fast RAM options for A600 and A1200 configs
b112e0f WHDLoad: Added FAILAT to top of startup-sequence, to allow script to continue in case of errors
a54e092 Implemented Temperature monitoring on Status Led
e1f85ed Sound: Always show sound buffer usage in Status Line LED
ad30849 Sound Improvements
d164225 Updated CLion deployment settings
c0c469b Updated version date
86f5623 Fixed #896: A500 model would default to 1.2 kickstart, if run from the command line
f703f7e Fixed Makefile: options that changed CFLAGS needed to be below export CFLAGS
b6ecb5f Updated version date
807eb3b Do not show default mapping when Retroarch is used (incorrect actions shown in GUI, due to different default buttons)
ff35c8a Refactoring: Moved custom controls arrays to amiberry_input
b7f3ff4 GUI: Show selected sound card on refresh
69b48cc Moved resource creation to runtime (#894)
c435d2a Updated version date
2240b9a P96: Don't change chipset refresh rate when opening P96 modes
db1e0df GUI: Slightly increase container vertical size, so that all selections fit inside (Savestates was a bit cut-off)
64486cc Updated version date
75cf0c3 P96: Reverted back to memcpy, as benchmarks showed it was marginally faster than the assembly routine
3885f52 Always disable Virtual Mouse mode on Dispmanx
1266374 GUI: Renamed Frameskip to Refresh, to match WinUAE
7e013cc P96: Speed up screen updates
6a97a01 Fix guisan failing to build on systems that don't have GL/gl.h
9769f46 P96: Frameskip was enabled by default
2143f36 Fix compile errors after latest changes
0f264d6 OS X build fixes (#892)
5ce6f32 GUI: Fixed some dropdowns in Sound panel were cut-off when opened
5367a2a GUI: Improved controls naming
8b45d29 FloppyBridge: fixed some more typos, minor code modernization
7897f6e Fixed compiler warnings
5f257f9 Updated FloppyBridge files to latest version
0d1160f Floppybridge: Cleanup and modernize code
da95157 GUI: Added all A1000 config options in Quickstart
7b868e7 Further improve reliability of Arduino device
4c3d0c5 Minor updates in amiberry_mem
0288960 GUI: Improved RAM Panel options
c546e15 GUI: Fixed Config panel scrollbar color
9f81f6d Brought back sleep for microseconds
4a14574 VS: Use C++ 17 in Release project config
e249e33 Removed sleep from readRotation
ff8bf91 Improved performance of FloppyBridge
a58f42c Fixed copy-paste typo in disk.cpp
178fef5 Fix compiler warnings about unused return values
ef323ba Stop segfaults when RotationExtractor gets positions higher than expected
f4077f2 Updated version date
47d4389 Implemented Toggle JIT and JIT FPU custom events
b876adf GUI: Improve positioning of LED dropdowns
eb1aeb5 Added CapsLock as configurable LED
fcfd16f #890: Implemented Horizontal Offset setting
95aca6c #890: Brought back V. Offset setting
56aa1d2 Moved FloppyBridge code from external lib to part of Amiberry
0f8312f Added #ifdef AMIBERRY to amiberry section
d4e8406 Removed unused code in gfx
8e275b5 Commented out unused code
5fe0f95 Updated version date
60066f2 #624: Possible mouse counter overflow fix.
a7d8a6c Cherry picked CIA fix from dev
324fb1a Disabled DEBUG for OSX target
0618b05 Changed Label to TextBox in Show message, to support multi-line messages
b6e94d5 Guisan: Updated OpenGL-specific items
c842360 Guisan: Added missing return statement in focushandler
dce6054 Added new guisan widget in VS Project
abe3577 Guisan: Added adjustingcontainer widget
1c0b811 Bring master up to the same level as dev, for things except blitter, custom, drawing
b438629 Switched back to RGBA32 pixel format, for improved performance
3e382c5 Ported to OS X for M1 based Macs (#886)
40b7ddb Fixed CD Eject from HD Panel would also toggle checkbox
b9f50ea Added missing UAE ROM options in GUI
3acaf14 Don't miss disk index if mfmpos is increased by more than 1 bit
e746ad1 Enable sampler init/vsync/free in devices
1989545 Fixed sampler option selection in GUI
747c52e Implemented support for multiple sound cards, added Sampler options in GUI
73f71ad Audio related improvements
5413eeb Fixed focus bug in modal windows, which didn't have mouse focus until a click event was triggered
4894436 Fix int overflows in hsync_handler_post() (#880)
5ca38e0 Fixed typo in command line help text
f8678a5 Fixed bug in GUI, where editing a hardfile entry would change the Device name
0363ce6 Fixed command line help formatting
4f47ed9 Improved command line help
3f0a4b8 Fixed virtual mouse driver should not be enabled when emulating
bf74e01 Synced all makefiles with latest changes
7b3b97a Updated WHDLoad XML to latest version (2022-01-07)
c599ee1 Updated WHDLoad binary to latest version (18.7)
7b18d24 Fixed crash if attempting to open Xz archive that used CRC64
555139c Fixed compiler warning
e3d457a Updated FloppyDriveBridge submodule to latest version

Download: Amiberry v5.0

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