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EmuCR: GB Enhanced+GB Enhanced+ v1.6 is released. GBE+ is an experimental GBA emulator and the planned successor to the original GBE project. Game Boy Enhanced (GBE for short) aims to be a fully functional Game Boy emulator. The goal is to create a highly portable emulator using C++ and SDL, document the Game Boy's functions through clear code, and add as many enhancements (scaling filters, cheats, custom sprites) as reasonably possible.

GB Enhanced+ changelog:
New Pokemon Mini core added. Largely complete and works very well with most commercial and homebrew titles.
Added multiplayer for the Pokemon Mini core via an emulated infrared port.
Added support for the GB Memory Cartridge. Recommended to use the GB Memory Binary Maker to make a compatible ROM and MAP file.
Added partial support for the GBA Wireless Adapter. Multiplayer is not functional, but it can access some menus.
Added support for the Joy Carry Cartridge (8M DACS cartridge used for Hikaru no Go 3)
Added support for the Magical Watch.
Added support for the Advance Movie Adapter. Requires users to dump the SmartMedia card, AM3 firmware, and 16-byte DES key. Refer to the AM3 SmartMedia Card Dumping Guide for more info.
Added partial support for Kemco's GBA Music Recorder/Jukebox. Only plays/records dummy audio files, but all of the menus are accessible.

EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced
EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced
EmuCR: Game Boy Enhanced

Download: GB Enhanced+ v1.6
Source: Here

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