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EmuCR: MacMulatorMacMulator v1.0.0 Beta 13 is released. MacMulator is the computer emulator for your Mac! It engages the power of Qemu, together with a nice, easy to use UI, to let you create any kind of Virtual Machines in a few clicks. Whatever OS you need to run on your Mac, MacMulator is the tool for you! MacMulator is a Universal app that works on Intel and Apple Silicon macs. It is able to recognize its host hardware and optimize the guest OS running in the operating system, to run it at almost native speed where possible. It does not bundle Qemu, so it is very light, and lets you use the Qemu version you prefer. You have just to tell it where to find Qemu in your local machine, and you are ready to go.

MacMulator Features: Lets you create and run a VM in a few minutes, and with a few clicks
Uses Apple Hypervisor to speed up your VM if the guest architecture is the same as the host one
Emulates Intel, ARM, PowerPc and Motorola 68k and lets you install any kind of OS that works on these hardwares
Lets you use the Qemu version you prefer, so that you can be very flexible. You can also custoimize the Qemu version for each VM
If you are a pro user, lets you customize the Qemu command freely. MacMulator will use your version of the command in place of its own
Vms are self contained and portable, very easy to share

MacMulator v1.0.0 Beta 13 Changelog:
Fixed default settings for many macOS machines, in order to have them boot on x86_64 hosts.
Introduced the ability to clone a vm
Introduce the ability to turn on/off explicitly the Hypervisor.framework acceleration (-accel vhf)
Created a default port forwarding to reach the vm via ssh on port 222

Download: MacMulator v1.0.0 Beta 13
Source: Here

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