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Gopher2600 v0.18.0 is released. Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. Whilst the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators it is none-the-less suitable for playing games, on a reasonably modern computer, at the required 60fps. (The development machine for Gopher2600 has been an i3-3225, dating from around 2012.)

Gopher2600 v0.18.0 changelog:
ARM Developer
debugging window added for global variable inspection
collision detection of ARM stack with program variables
static areas window improved
clearer indication of memory addresses
labeling of named variables in memory
performance window improved
raw ARM cycle values in addition to percentile values
kernel focus (VBLANK, Visible Screen, Overscan)
performance relative to frame
access of address 0x00 is treated as illegal (probably null dereference)
visualisation of CDF streams
VCS RAM and Cartridge RAM Window
indicates labeling of addresses (using ASM symbol file)
illustration of 6507 stack usage
choice of attached peripheral can be overriden on startup
TIA bug fixes
corrected missile reset to player position for double-width player
EEPROM window (savekey data) works correctly for AtariVox
BREAK NONEXE to halt execution on 6507 execution if PC address is not in the Cartridge or RAM areas
Debugger GUI
better window management in the debugger
window state (open/close) saved between sessions
Playmode GUI
non-integer scaling reintroduced - improved scaling method to avoid uneven scanlines
bugfix (Windows and MacOS)
window repainted during window resizing meaning better visual feedback for the user
audio can be muted (could already be muted in the debugger)
state of FPS overlay will carried over between sessions
"active" pause screen readded as an option (in the prefs window)

Download: Gopher2600 v0.18.0

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