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pEMU v6.4 is released. pEMU is a suite of multiple emulators running on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. pNES (portable NES) is a NES emulator based on Nestopia. pSNES (portable SNES) is a Super NES emulator based on Snes9x. Pfbneo (portable fbNeo) is an “Arcade” emulator based on FinalBurn Neo(supports a bunch of old school systems such as Neo Geo pocket, PC Engine, Megadrive/Genesis, GameGear, Arcade,…).

pEMU v6.4 Changelog:
pgen: check for missing mega-cd bios on loading
pgen: save per game mega-cd backup ram
pgen: fix state saving (vita)
pgen: fix scd_bram_cart.brm size
pgen: add sram saving support
psnes: remove deprecated high res option
psnes: add AUDIO_SYNC option (on: perfect audio, off: minor audio stuttering in favor of fps)
vita: add more optimisations flags (improve fps)
vita: add WAIT_RENDERING option (improve fps but not working with effects)
common: fix wrong keys assignment in help bar (hopefully)
common: improve audio handling

Download: pEMU v6.4

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