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EmuCR: SDLVICE WinVICE r42337 is released. WinVICE is a program that executes programs intended for the old 8-bit computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, all the PET models (except the SuperPET 9000, which is out of line anyway), the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).

WinVICE Changelog: r42337 | compyx | 2022-05-14 21:56:40 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2022) | 8 lines
Gtk3: Add resource-bound combo box with custom text entry
Add a combo box to control a string-type resource, with both a drop down list
with predefined values and a text entry for custom values. Currently the model
of the combo box is a simple list of strings; (key,value) pairs are not (yet)
r42336 | gpz | 2022-05-14 15:09:48 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2022) | 1 line
fix 'did not receive focus-out-event' warning
r42335 | gpz | 2022-05-13 22:16:52 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2022) | 1 line
added SDL positional and symbolic UK keymaps for C64, posted by .mad.
r42334 | compyx | 2022-05-13 20:35:33 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2022) | 3 lines
Remove trailing space
r42333 | compyx | 2022-05-13 20:12:12 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2022) | 6 lines
Gtk3: Add UI actions for pause, warp, CPU speed, FPS
Also change the action dispatch function to pass along action info.
None of this stuff is actually used yet.

Download: GTK3VICE r42337
Download: SDL2VICE r42337
Source: Here

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