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Amiberry v5.3 is released. Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc.), that brings you the highest performance Amiga emulation. It’s an open-source project, build with the efforts of several people and based on previous work of others.

Amiberry v5.3 Changelog:
๐ŸŽ‰ New Features
statusline resync indicator, merged from latest WinUAE
๐Ÿ› Bugfixes
AmiQuit was missing from boot-data.zip file (fixes #976)
Fixed P96 not working anymore in some environments (fixes #989)
input options were not properly parsed when using default.uae on startup, until the GUI was opened once (#986)
Navigation in Custom controls when using SDL2 versions older than 2.0.14 wasn't correct (fixes #980)
don't overwrite all of changed_prefs when enabling autoheight in DMX
Reverted CIA changes until upstream bug is fixed (fixes #985)
๐Ÿ”จ Improvements
Updated WHDLoad binary to 18.8
updated WHDBooter XML to latest version
Added logging when parsing Custom Controls from XML
CD32 C2P/NVRAM only config fixes, C2P init fix.
Add Brightness/Contrast controls on the GUI #974
upgraded floppybridge to latest version (v1.3), fixes some issues with GreaseWeazle
fixed multiple datatype related compiler warnings
merged various definitions from latest WinUAE
CPU emulation STOP update
upgraded FloppyBridge to v1.3
check for w/h values before setting custom limits
newcpu emulation minor fixes
set a default pattern for memory hard reset
๐Ÿ—️ Build System
updated CMakeLists file, excluded "other" labels from release notes
Removed Dispmanx 64-bit Manjaro build
allow CI workflow to be triggered manually also
added docker build for rpi4-sdl2
don't try to copy file locally when using docker
Added x86_64 build, disabled rpi 32-bit self-hosted
Fixed x86-64 make command
deprecated self-hosted agents for SDL2 builds, using Docker instead
Removed Dispmanx targets from pre-compiled binaries list
๐Ÿชš Refactors
WHDBooter options parsing improvements
compiler warning fixes in disk.cpp
๐Ÿ“š Documentation Changes
removed "bug" from recognized commit labels
Added CI badge on Readme
updated README with improved instructions
๐Ÿงน Chores
Visual Studio: Use C++17 in DMX project also

Download: Amiberry v5.3

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