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C64-Archiv v4.3 is released. C64-Archiv is an easy to use file manager for C64-files on your PC. This program can work together with emulators such as VICE, CCS64, HOXS64 and EMU64 to start programs.

C64-Archiv v4.3 Changelog:
New: Faster display and optimized navigation
New: Faster import (Thanks to Michael/www.gb64.com)
New: Improved loading time
New: Improved performance to unpack zip files
New: Improved support for G64 files (Thanks to Pete/www.c64preservation.com)
New: Improved multiselect
New: C64 font in list views
New: Copy to Clipboard
New: Save PRG files to disk
New: Format NIB
New: Search field "Image name"
New: Support for GZIP und LHA files
Fixed: Break while importing a password protected zip file
Fixed: Basic/Hex view: Wrong load adress
Fixed: Basic/Hex view: Error to load a file in use
Fixed: File extension wasn't checked while importing a single ZIP file
Fixed: Error to show pictures
Fixed: Error while importing invalid T64 files
Fixed: Filter doesn't work proper with zip or 7z files
Fixed: Wrong creation time after refreshing LNX/Z64 files
Fixed: Error to import Z64 files with tick marks
Fixed: Various small bugs

EmuCR: C64-Archiv

Download: C64-Archiv v4.3
Source: Here

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