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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.84.1 (2022/07/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Added dosbox(-x).conf option to enable workaround
for errant DOS programs that set the TF (trap flag)
and then crash. Added code to DOS kernel INT 01h
handler to clear TF flag if instructed to by the
dosbox(-x).conf setting which can prevent such
errant programs from crashing. Needed for 1996 demo
"Dyslexia" by Threesome. (joncampbell123)
Fix RETF instruction handling to only modify the
low 16 bits of ESP in real mode, even if the
immediate value for RETF is a large value like
FFFEh (fix for Finster by Mad Scientists). Prior
to this fix, it was possible to increment the
upper 32 bits of ESP from real mode using a
normal 16-bit RETF with a very large immediate
value. This fix removes the need for the ENTER
masking dosbox(-x).conf option entirely and allows
Finster to run without it. (joncampbell123).
Added dosbox(-x).conf option to control whether the
ENTER instruction masks the stack pointer to 64KB
if the stack segment is 16-bit, which is off by
default because real Intel processors do not do
that. (joncampbell123).
Added dosbox(-x).conf option that can instruct EGA/
VGA emulation to ignore the display blanking bit in
the sequencer registers. Some games appear to have
bugs in their VGA programming code that can
accidentally set that bit and therefore show
nothing on screen. Fix for 1996 game "Finster" by
Mad Scientists. The game appears to make this
programming mistake on any fork of DOSBox
including DOSBox-X, and is reported to also make
the same mistake on other emulators like 86box.
However most forks of DOSBox have a matching bug
in their VGA emulation that allows the blanked
display to appear normally regardless of that
register bit unless run with machine=vgaonly.
It's unclear if there is anything about DOSBox
or DOSBox-X emulation that causes the game to
misprogram the registers. (joncampbell123).
If guest uses ENTER instruction from 16-bit code
with 66h (32-bit operand) prefix, and the CPU is
in real mode or the stack segment is 16-bit, mask
stack pointer with 0xFFFF. This fixes 1996 game
"Finster" by Mad Scientists (joncampbell123).
DOSBox-X will now search for resource files such as
fonts and translations in the resource directory (
C:/DOSBox-X in Windows, /usr/(local/)share/dosbox-x
in Linux, and dosbox-x.app/Contents/Resources in
macOS) in addition to other locations. (Wengier)
Updated DOSBox-X's integration device to version
1.0.1, adding API calls such as DOSBox-X's version
number and platform, and some DOS-related status
such as DOS version number. (Wengier)
Improve the HX-DOS build package, including the
TTF output support and accessory files. (Wengier)
Use long double for internal event scheduling
if available, to improve accuracy (joncampbell123).
Fix remaining SDL2 Windows problems by adding
missing break statement above window event
handler. (joncampbell123).
Move "Always on top" menu option from "Video" to
"Main" menu, also enabled for Windows/macOS SDL2
builds when possible. (Wengier)
Add workarounds for SDL2 builds to avoid problems
with window resize, menu update, and restore
events that sometimes caused the emulator to hang
on startup in Windows. (joncampbell123).
Add "Set transparency..." and "Set text in title
bar..." menu options under "Video" to change window
transparency and title bar text. (Wengier)
Add special properties to CONFIG command including
"system" and "version". (Wengier)
Fix DOS 8.3 filename generations when there are
special characters in the filenames. (Wengier)
Fix creation of disk images with spaces using the
"Create blank disk image..." menu option. (Wengier)
Fix IMGMAKE to provide executable code in MS-DOS
partition or floppy disk boot sector following
the BPB, that prints "This is not a bootable disk"
instead of leaving zeros that lead the CPU astray
and possibly hang the system in the event anything
tries to boot the partition (joncampbell123).
Fix emulator segfault on invalid encoding of
BOUND instruction (joncampbell123).
Address auto-centering on mode change complaints
by making the "-" setting of windowposition the
default. (joncampbell123).
Added MinGW-lowend SDL2 build, which is compatible
with Windows XP. Also updated the build selection
page for Windows installers. (Wengier)
Fix windows transparency during TTF output switch
in Windows SDL2 builds. (Wengier)
Fix SDL2 Windows builds to flag a resize as not
user initiated only if the presence of the menu
bar changes. This fixes a problem where SDL2
builds did not acknowledge window resize events
at all. (joncampbell123).
Fix FluidSynth weird sound issue in 32-bit Visual
Studio SDL2 build. (Wengier)
Fluidsynth: Fix uninitialized conditional object
init in Windows builds (joncampbell123).
Linux/X11: Add an X11 error handler function to
handle the occasional X11 error that can happen
within the SDL2 library if certain events, like
window resize, occur too frequently. The custom
error handler logs the error but does not abort
the emulator like the default one would.
Fix SDL2 builds with output=surface not to render
if the window at any point is too small. Resizing
the window below the minimum supported by the
DOS screen will not longer trigger segfaults or
assertion failures. Issue #3348. (joncampbell123).
Fix IME not working on Windows when -langcp option
is used to load a language with DBCS codepage, or
in 32-bit MinGW lowend SDL1 build. (Wengier)
Fixed INT 10h failing to fully clear Tandy video
memory when entering 16-color graphics modes.
Fixed missing/NULL INT 1Fh interrupt vector with
CGA/PCjr/Tandy machine types. DOS games that print
to screen using INT 10h in graphics modes can now
print extended (>=128) character codes correctly.
This fixes "BushBuck: A Treasure Hunt" and enables
it's rather odd Tandy detection routine to work
with machine=tandy. (joncampbell123).
Disney Sound Source: Fix problems between Disney
sound source and parallel port emulation. Fix the
code to enable Disney Sound System emulation either
by disney=true (DOSBox SVN compatible) or
parallel1=disney (The DOSBox-X way). (joncampbell123).
DOS SHELL: Change shell command parsing to make
unusual combinations of command plus trailing
command possible such as ECHO. ECHO; ECHO: ECHO[
ECHO] ECHO\ ECHO/ ECHO" ECHO+ (issue #3503).
DIR command supports more sorting methods including
"DIR /OGD", "DIR /OGE", and "DIR /OGS". (Wengier)
Support for BDF and PCF bitmap fonts for DOS/V
functions, such as the free WenQuanYi bitmap font
(bundled for displaying CJK characters). (Wengier)
EGA: Add machine type to emulate 200-line (CGA
compatible) EGA display mode, machine=ega200.
All text modes have 8x8 character cells, use CGA
compatible video timing, and the 640x350 modes
are not available. Fix EGA display offset register
usage to properly work with alphanumeric text
mode when "word mode" is turned off. This fixes
IBM demonstration program "Fantasy Land".
IDE: Remove extra state from IDE controller that
is managed by the drive. The ATA-1 standard seems
to say that status and drive/head registers on
read back always come from the ATA device.
IDE: If ATA device is busy, all IDE registers
return the status register and BSY bit according
to ATA-1 standard (joncampbell123).
This command is like the 28h/A8h READ command but
specific to the CD/CD-ROM format and allows reading
the various sector types including data sectors and
CD audio. Windows NT 4.0 requires this, or else it
treats the CD-ROM drive like a non-working device.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.84.1 (2022/07/01) x64
Source: Here

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