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EmuCR: DS4WindowsDS4Windows v3.1.1 is released. DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible.

DS4Windows Requirements
* Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher (needed to unzip the driver and for macros to work
* DS4 Driver (Downloaded & Installed with
* Microsoft 360 Driver (link inside DS4Windows, already installed on Windows 7 SP1 and higher or if you've used a 360 controller
* Sony DualShock 4 (This should be
* Micro USB
* (Optional)Bluetooth 2.1+, via adapter or built in pc (My recommendation) (Toshiba's bluetooth & Bluetooth adapters using CSR currently does not

DS4Windows changelog:
Changed gyro output mode output behavior for joined JoyCon controllers. Run output early for Gyro Mouse and Gyro Mouse-like Joystick
Updated many project dependency NuGet packages and DLL files
Migrated project to use H.NotifyIcon.Wpf package
Added extra CONNRESET IOControl call for ReceiveCallback method in UDP server. Avoids potential memory leak within UDP server in .NET 6. The call should have probably existed beforehand
Switched main UDP message rsp to convert payload from a struct. Faster and simpler
Added dependabot to GitHub actions. Contribution by sitiom
Slightly tweaked Suspend and Resume power routines
Fixed DS4Updater download URL redirect when automatic download fails
Fixed initial data bindings for Auto Profile section
Have Full Pull Dual Stage triggers use raw input range rather than interpreted. Might have to change how Full Pull is handled later
Changed WelcomeDialog to use Windows temp folder while downloading rather than program folder. Would mainly affect when DS4Windows is run from a read-only folder (shouldn't be the case on a proper setup)
Removed Mastodon and Minds social media links from About window. No longer support Mastodon as a whole. DS4Windows actually got banned from Minds
Added extra project links and notes to About window
Allow joined JoyCons to transmit unique Gyro data to UDP server. Mimics behavior of BetterJoy for two JoyCon controllers linked together
Changed HidHide download link to point to version Approved release
Enforce 6 normal key maximum for fake virtual keyboard in FakerInput handler. Pretty sure some reports were from people abusing said limit
Removed old .NET 5 workaround for single process instance checking. Use EventWaitHandleAcl.OpenExisting included with .NET 6. Contribution by sitiom
Fixed touchpad counter reading with DualSense. Needed for Touchpad passthru for virtual DS4 Extended output to work. Contribution by Kanuan

Download: DS4Windows v3.1.1 x86
Download: DS4Windows v3.1.1 x64


  1. PLS I begging u add support of dualshock 3 controllers without necessary install of other software. make easy bluetooth connection for device pls


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