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namDHC v1.07 is released. namDHC is a windows frontend for CHDMAN. The program needs CHDMAN.exe in the same directory as namDHC.exe to run - Currently only versions "0.236", "0.237", "0.238", "0.239", "0.240" are supported.

namDHC v1.07 Changelog:
Added zip file support.
NOTE: Folders & multiple formats within zipfiles are unsupported. namDHC will use only the first supported file that it finds within in each zipfile
Changed quit routine
Changed error handling for output chd files that already exist
Changed file read functions
Fixed namDHC won't ask about duplicate files when verifying or getting info from CHD's
Fixed Folder and file browsing shows input extensions that aren't actually selected
Fixed timeout monitoring
Fixed some race conditions
GUI changes n' stuff
Changed JSON library again (hopefully last time)
Having issues with script pausing/hanging after cancel command is sent to thread

Download: namDHC v1.07
Source: Here

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