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EmuCR: Snes9x GXSnes9x RX v5.2.0 is released. Snes9x RX is a Super Nintendo™ / Super Famicom emulator for the Nintendo Wii. Snes9x RX is a fork from Snes9x GX, a port of Snes9x (http://www.snes9x.com). Snes9x RX is a "homebrew application" which means you will need a way to run unsigned code on your Nintendo Wii. The best website for getting started with Wii homebrew is WiiBrew (www.wiibrew.org).

Snes9x GX Changelog:
SNES CPU overclock setting exposed (thanks Tanooki16!)
Inside the "Video" section, you can now choose three settings to overclock
the virtual SNES CPU, to improve or smooth the framerate in games that
originally struggled (i.e.: cutscenes in Flashback). It may also change the
flow of the game entirely (i.e.: Skulljagger - Revolt of the Westicans).
Experiment with the setting on your favorite games or other uncommon titles
in your library.
Updates for the Spanish language.
Other tweaks.

Download: Snes9x RX v5.2.0
Source: Here

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