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EmuCR NanoBoyAdvanceNanoBoyAdvance v1.6 is released. NanoboyAdvance is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM) emulator written in C++17. The goal is to create a minimal, accurate and reasonably efficient Game Boy Advance emulator in modern C++. The emulator implements the core hardware completely and with high accuracy. Almost all games can be emulated without any known issues, even the 'Classic NES' titles which abuse a variety of edge-cases and undefined behaviour.

nanoboyadvance Features:
* very accurate GBA emulation
* RTC emulation
* high quality audio rendering
* game controller support
* basic GLSL shader support
* lightweight: minimal, configurable SDL2 frontend

nanoboyadvance v1.6 changelog:
UI: implement game controller selection and remapping
UI: enable loading ROMs from archives (Zip, 7z, RAR4)
UI: enable loading ROMs via Drag & Drop onto the main window
UI: fix occasional crashes when loading a ROM while the emulator is running
UI: fix screen clearing and stop audio if ROM could not be loaded
UI: unpause the emulator if a ROM is loaded
UI: add an option to unlock the aspect ratio
Core: implement Solar Sensor emulation (for Boktai I and II)
Core: implement experimental save state support
Save Memory: automatically detect EEPROM save sizes (closes #219)
ARM: fix switch between FIQ and non-user/system modes
PPU: delay H-blank IRQs by four cycles (fixes #89, fixes #175)
PPU: disable VRAM mirror at 06018000h in bitmap modes (fixes #102)
PPU: latch BGX/Y writes at the beginning of each scanline (fixes #176)
PPU: delay scanline rendering by 32 cycles (fixes #93)
PPU: properly initialise WIN0/1 state after reset (fixes #223)
PPU: 2D OBJs should wraparound horizontally (fixes #224)
PPU: move rendering to a secondary thread for better performance
PPU: improve DMA3 video transfer timing
PPU: respect WININ/WINOUT if Alpha OBJ does not have a blend source
IRQ: add 16-bit IO access handlers to avoid scheduling multiple events
IRQ: assign (preliminary) priorities to events for IRQ raise and acknowledge/disable events
Timer: be explicit about IO write event order
RTC: enable 24h-mode by default (fixes #136)
RTC: multiple small fixes and accuracy improvements

Download: NanoBoyAdvance v1.6 x64
Source: Here

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