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simple64 v2022.09.4 is released. simple64 uses simple64-gui, a brand new N64 frontend written in Qt6. It supports all of the things you’d expect from a frontend (savestate management, pausing, screenshots, etc.). simple64 comes bundled with paraLLEl-RDP for graphics, and a heavily modified version of mupen64plus-core. It should give you the best out-of-the-box experience available for N64 gaming.

simple64 Changelog:
Some performance optimizations
Support for 64DD cartridge ports. See https://64dd.org/dumps_p.html and https://64dd.org/translations.html. You can safely ignore the warnings about emulator support on that page, simple64 now supports saving with 64DD cartridge ports. This means you can play these 64DD games like you would any other game.
Technical details for those interested: 64DD cartridge ports write to the ROM, which is normally not allowed. On flash carts, as far as I know, this is accomplished by modifying the ROM file on the flash cart. simple64 creates an xdelta file and saves it as a .romsave file along with other saves (eep, fla, mpk) if the game writes to the ROM. When the game is loaded, if a .romsave file exists for that game, xdelta is used to apply the differences to the ROM in memory. The xdelta is always taken based on the Big Endian/z64 ROM image, regardless of the file type of the ROM. This should be an emulator agnostic way to save these files, and could be standard used to allow these saves to be cross-emulator compatible.

Download: simple64 v2022.09.4
Source: Here

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