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Not64 (2022/10/29) is released. Not64 is an experimental modification.

Built with devkitRice.
Available for Wii and GameCube.
SMB share support from WiiSX.
IDE-EXI v1 support.
AESND-powered audio.
Minor performance enhancements.
Absolutely no compatibility improvements.
Graphics quality tweaks.
Recognize the NTSC Zelda bonus disc.

Not64 changelog:
Implemented CACHE IXIN/IHIN and LLD/SCD instructions.
Optimized LDL/LDR/SDL/SDR instructions.
Optimized ULW/USW/ULD/USD instruction macros.
Optimized AND/OR/XOR/NOR/ORI/XORI with 32-bit operands.
Updated Mupen64Plus RSP HLE plugin.
Updated xxHash to v0.6.5.
Other minor fixes.

EmuCR: Not64
EmuCR: Not64

Download: Not64 (2022/10/29)
Source: Here

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