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86Box v3.11 is released. 86Box is a low level x86 emulator that runs older operating systems and software designed for IBM PC systems and compatibles from 1981 through fairly recent system designs based on the PCI bus.

86Box Features:
Easy to use interface inspired by mainstream hypervisor software
Low level emulation of 8086-based processors up to the Pentium with focus on accuracy
Great range of customizability of virtual machines
Many available systems, such as the very first IBM PC 5150 from 1981, or the more obscure IBM PS/2 line of systems based on the Micro Channel Architecture
Lots of supported peripherals including video adapters, sound cards, network adapters, hard disk controllers, and SCSI adapters
MIDI output to Windows built-in MIDI support, FluidSynth, or emulated Roland synthesizers
Supports running MS-DOS, older Windows versions, OS/2, many Linux distributions, or vintage systems such as BeOS or NEXTSTEP, and applications for these systems

86Box changelog:
NVR: Don't fatal on failure to read NVR properly by @Cacodemon345 in #2574
qt: fix busy looping with evdev mouse by @elyosh in #2578
use zip for roms to prevent clobbering by @rderooy in #2576
qt_openglrenderer: fix fullscreen rendering on mac by @elyosh in #2581
Add an instrumentation option for performance profiling by @elyosh in #2582
qt: Adjusted "Controller 4" vertical position by @Iniquitatis in #2591
SVGA rendering optimizations by @elyosh in #2593
Optimize IO in by @elyosh in #2597
Optimize timer processing by @elyosh in #2596
qt: Add ability to open screenshots folder by @Cacodemon345 in #2595
qt: Add option to apply fullscreen stretching modes when maximized by @Cacodemon345 in #2598
XGA: Cursor no longer gets black parts when returning from Mystify screensaver to GUI and, at the same time, keeping the Win95 cursor intact. by @TC1995 in #2599
ESDI MCA: No longer fatal on default reads, fixes Win3.0 MME installation to hard disk using ESDI MCA. by @TC1995 in #2600
qt_d3d9renderer: Clear screen backbuffer at each render by @Cacodemon345 in #2602
qt: cdrom loading fixes on Windows by @Cacodemon345 in #2604
qt: Restore Xinput2 for Qt5 builds by @Cacodemon345 in #2609
qt: Raise minimum Xi2 version requirement to 2.1 by @Cacodemon345 in #2610
qt: large sizes when entered no longer decrement by 1MB by @Cacodemon345 in #2611
Fix SB 2.0 OPL crash by @elyosh in #2620
Clear unfilled registers when returning CPUID results on K6-2/III/+ CPUs by @lemondrops in #2619
Fix two warnings in Qt code by @lemondrops in #2618
Remove the PS/2 mouse flag from the Gigabyte GA-586IP by @lemondrops in #2617
qt: Remember maximized state of monitor windows if enabled by @Cacodemon345 in #2621
Network overhaul: support for multiple NICs, performance improvement by @elyosh in #2630
network: always link to ws2_32 on win32 by @elyosh in #2631
Restore the ability to configure the first NIC with the win32 ui by @elyosh in #2632
pcap: do bounds checking in net_pcap_prepare by @elyosh in #2639
Correct BCM GT694VA by @jriwanek in #2638
qt: fix duplicate entries in network settings by @elyosh in #2643
slirp: fix port forwarding and handle configuration with multiple nics by @elyosh in #2645
voodoo_codegen_x86*: Remove bounds checking for block_pos by @Cacodemon345 in #2646
macOS: Fix dynamic loading of bundled libraries by @cold-brewed in #2647
Network improvements by @elyosh in #2648
Add MT-32 (New) and CM-32LN by @jriwanek in #2652
Implement media history manager and recently used images by @cold-brewed in #2656
macOS: Add Vulkan support via MoltenVK by @cold-brewed in #2650
Gdbstub, Minitrace and more by @jriwanek in #2653
Expose agpgart_t by @jriwanek in #2655
clang format in src/video by @jriwanek in #2654
Media history: small adjustment for vcpkg builds by @cold-brewed in #2658
qt_hardwarerenderer: Don't update the entire texture on blits by @Cacodemon345 in #2659
qt_hardwarerenderer: Don't blit black, hidden portions of images by @Cacodemon345 in #2662
Build fixes on Clang by @driver1998 in #2664
qt_hardwarerenderer: Fix compilation with Qt 5.12 by @Cacodemon345 in #2663
qt: Fix discord update timer to run at one second interval by @cold-brewed in #2661
qt_hardwarerenderer: Use setData on Qt 5.14 and later by @Cacodemon345 in #2668
qt: Fix potential null pointer access in media history by @cold-brewed in #2677
config: Refactor the INI parser out by @dhrdlicka in #2673
808x: Switch to __builtin_parity for parity flag setting by @Cacodemon345 in #2672
qt: Fix searching for icon packs in roms dir by @cold-brewed in #2670
XGA: Revert to the rom_init routine to load the XGA-1/XGA-2 bios by @TC1995 in #2660
machine: Add MSI MS-5124 by @Cacodemon345 in #2651
Improve handling of High-DPI mice by @jpernst in #2678
Improvements by @jriwanek in #2685
Clang-format cleanups by @jriwanek in #2686
Some clang-formatting in src/cpu by @jriwanek in #2689
Enable TNDY & PSSJ ISA clone by @jriwanek in #2691
Fix a crash when saving window dimensions and coordinates by @lemondrops in #2692
qt: Media history part II: Floppy by @cold-brewed in #2703
Add NEC SV9000 (Trident TVGA9000B) by @Cacodemon345 in #2702
qt: Account for empty path in plat_fopen by @cold-brewed in #2708
Fix Qt 6.4 builds by @ts-korhonen in #2715
qt: Fix play / pause icon to reflect current state by @cold-brewed in #2713
Fix 95/98FE protection errors on emulated P6 by @nerd73 in #2720
Fix windows clang+vcpkg build. by @ts-korhonen in #2722
VISO fixes for mac / linux by @cold-brewed in #2721
Pravetz-16 / IMKO-4 by @izne in #2725
vid_table: Fix build with logging enabled by @lkundrak in #2732
Fix build with ENABLE_VIDEO_LOG by @lkundrak in #2731
Fix build with -DENABLE_PC_LOG=1 by @lkundrak in #2730
Add a Victor V86P disk driver by @lkundrak in #2733
Add the Epson Equity LT Machine by @lkundrak in #2729
Nec v20 by @OBattler in #2734
qt: Always resize by @Cacodemon345 in #2737
qt: Add icons to the optical media menu by @cold-brewed in #2739
qt: Fix qt6 compile by @cold-brewed in #2740
Fix Amstrad/Olivetti internal mice not working by explicitly defining the number of buttons by @lemondrops in #2741
Revert "qt: Always resize" by @Cacodemon345 in #2745
qt: Shortcut fixes by @Cacodemon345 in #2636
M24 by @OBattler in #2746
Fix Linux build by @Cacodemon345 in #2747
Fixes almost all the logging options which were previously broken by @jriwanek in #2750
Update github actions to v3 by @jriwanek in #2751
Remove unnecessary functions by @jriwanek in #2752
Add secondary XT and AT fdc types, also a none type by @jriwanek in #2753
Simplify and reuse code in m_at_286_386sx.c by @jriwanek in #2754
Added V20-XT by @telanus in #2749
Add option for 5-button PS/2 mouse by @Cacodemon345 in #2756
Sorted 8088 & 8086 entries alphabetically by @telanus in #2757
qt: Add earlier drive checkbox in CD-ROM settings by @Cacodemon345 in #2760
qt: Update ui pause state in plat_pause by @cold-brewed in #2758
Correct many file headers to show 86box by @jriwanek in #2755
mouse_ps2: Unify movement packet reporting mechanisms by @Cacodemon345 in #2763
Fix NVR size for Olivetti M24 by @javi-s in #2767
qt: Rework ui pause update into a slot by @cold-brewed in #2762
qt: Add missing Windows/Menu key X11-to-Set...

Download: 86Box v3.11
Source: Here

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