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EmuCR: mmSAPmmSAP v3.0.0 is released. mmSAP is SAP (Slight atari player) player based on ASAP library that uses ALSA for audio output and has GTK+ 3.0 based GUI. SAP is a special file format that is used to store POKEY-based Atari XL/XE music.

mmSAP Features
- Based on ASAP library that provides precise and high fidelity POKEY emulation
- Easy to use GTK+ 3.0 based user interface
- Fully featured playlist
- Configurable POKEY visualization
- Good support for ASMA STIL database
- Four repeat modes (stand still after subsong, repeat subsong, repeat tune, repeat playlist)
- Seeking inside subsongs that have TIME tag
- Single instance application (using GTK+ 3.0 features)
- Drag and drop support
- 'Browse and play' file chooser
- Audio output through ALSA
- Possibility to mute selected POKEY channels

mmSAP changelog
Unified code base for Windows and GNU/Linux
Audio output using SDL2
GUI Fixes and Refinements
Based on GTK 3.24
Project compiles with recent versions of GCC

Download: mmSAP v3.0.0
Source: Here

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