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#CSpect v2.17.0 is released. #CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:
- Fixed auto-mapping when RAM paged in over the ROM
- IM1 now has IRQs disabled on triggering
- Added Timex Hires and Timex Hi colour, smooth scrolling
- Fixed Timex Hires border colour (I think)
- Added DMA ports $0B and $6B
- Contended memory no longer affects 7,14 and 28Mhz modes
- Fixed a bug where all NEXT register stores (for reading back) were being zero'd on direct load of a NEX/SNA/SNX file
- CTC timers should now always run at 28Mhz regardless of CPU speed.
- SD card detection no longer crashes when it can't read partitions from a NEX/SNA/SNX file...
- Fixed using F3 on older card images (2.06 and below)
- New NextRegister Viewer window, activated by pressing CTRL+ALT+R
- New Plugin command added "DissasembleMemory()" - see iPlugin.cs for details
- Instruction TStates added to debugger view
- New Profiler added, activated by pressing CTRL+ALT+P
- Fixed up some TStates for Next instruction in the debugger

Download: #CSpect v2.17.0

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