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Nuance v0.6.3 is released. Nuance is a NUON game platform emulator. By now, emulation was improved a lot with many games now working almost correctly (except for "random" endless loops that still occur in the emulated code due to whacky audio syncing) in the new 0.6.X release.

Nuance v0.6.3 Changelog:
Add new (optional) postprocessing CRT-like shader ([UseCRTshader] in the .cfg), enabled by default, looks best in fullscreen
Its now possible to specify a file that should be loaded directly from the command line, e.g. nuance.exe C:\NuonGame\nuon.run. This will also automatically launch in fullscreen mode, too
Add new [Controller1Mappings] section in the .cfg along with DirectInput support for joypads/sticks and an additional UI dialog to configure keys/buttons
Fix a lot of problems with the MPE IRAM overlay areas and the code caching of these
Make MPE IRAM overlay caching more efficient
Merlin Racing now is playable (although the AI carts are still driving around randomly)
Update status window on single stepping, too
Add missing registers to status window
Add debug output for BIOS calls
Add new [AutomaticLoadPopup] section to configure if the automatic file selection pops up on startup or not

Download: Nuance v0.6.3
Source: Here

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