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OxyROMon v0.14.0 is released. OxyROMon is a cross-platform opinionated CLI ROM organizer written in Rust. Like most ROM managers, it checks ROM files against known good databases. It is designed with archiving in mind, as such it only supports original and lossless ROM formats. Sorting can be done in regions mode, in so-called 1G1R mode, or both.

OxyROMon v0.14.0 changelog:
Add the ability to sort ROMs in alphabetical subfolders
Add a catch-all region ZZ in REGIONS_ALL for the sort-roms hybrid mode
Add a GROUP_SUBSYSTEMS toggle, if true merge variants of the same system in a single directory
Support MAME DAT files that use non-standard machine instead of game tags
Add various compression settings for 7Z, ZIP and RVZ
Add a new generate-playlists subcommand
Fix pure 1G1R sorting with parent-clone groups that have no ROMs
Add a REGIONS_ONE_STRICT option to switch between strict and lenient 1G1R election
Fix 1G1R sorting when revisions are clones
Display an appropriate message when a ROM has already been imported
Add a PREFER_FLAGS to give a boost to specific flags in the 1G1R election process
Add PREFER_PARENTS, PREFER_REGIONS and PREFER_VERSIONS settings to influence the 1G1R election process

Download: OxyROMon v0.14.0
Source: Here

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