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zxian v6 is released. zxian is a ZX Spectrum emulator written in C, using SDL2 for graphics, input/output, and audio. As with my other projects, the source is available for download. I built it with Visual Studio Community 2019 (with C++ core features installed).

zxian v6 Changelog:
v6 - significantly improved audio quality. Added support for TAP tape images
v5 - video frame duration can now be specified in milliseconds. Rewrote the "read key status" code to fix a bug, which fixes games such as Manic Miner
v4 - support for "floating bus", whereby data read by ULA can "leak" into hardware ports that are not wired, such as 0xFF. Some games rely on this for timing, instead of an interrupt handler. This fixes games such as Cobra and Arkanoid
v3 - improved game compatibility by supplying a well-known value for the LSB during IM2 handler lookup; previous behaviour can be attained through a switch. This fixes games such as Dizzy 7
v2 - fixed an SNA loading bug caused by incorrect IFF2 initialization; it was causing some games to soft reset, and some to have corrupted graphics
v1 - initial release

Download: zxian v6
Source: Here

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