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EmuCR: SupermodelSupermodel Git (2023/03/15) is released. Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to relive state-of-the-art 3D arcade gaming as it existed from 1996 through 1999. It uses OpenGL, SDL2, and can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also supports network play on low-latency network connections. The source code is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Supermodel Git Changelog:
* Windows app manifest added to enable PerMonitorV2 DPI awareness
* Update README.txt
* README.txt: Updated Section 5 (video settings), squeezed everything back into 80 columns, changed 'Virtua Fighter 2 '98' to 'Virtua Striker 2 '98' in Section 10
* NetBoard: guard against freeing null pointers and INetBoard needed a virtual destructor (was causing crashes on exit on some systems)
* Autobuild script update following crosshair update
* m_crosshair is not needed and the config should be checked every frame because otherwise Alt-I command was broken (the number of crosshairs to render is mapped to a UI key) [Bart]
* Better optimisations.
* Change Media folder to Assets folder.
* Crosshair refactor
* README.txt: Fixed a typo, end-of-sentence formatting in section 10, and added ECA cheat codes as per Brian Troha's suggestion
* README.txt: fixed typo
* README.txt: Added region codes to section 10 (c/o Brian Troha)
* Games.xml: Corrected name of Virtual On 2 to Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram
* Fixed window position config storage and command line parsing
* Config nodes: added the ability to clear out node values or create empty leaf nodes
* comply to @trzy requested changes #
* comply to @trzy requested changes
* -pos=, -> correct error when not present
* Add two video settings:
* Allow joystick to be fetch if windows has no focus in SDL input mode.

Download: Supermodel Git (2023/03/15)

Source: Here

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