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EmuCR: RetroBatRetroBat v5.2 is released. RetroBat is a set of Batch and Powershell scripts written to easily configure and launch EmulationStation for Windows. This frontend software is intended to gather your ROMs collection and run games with compatible emulators such as RetroArch. RetroBat can download and install all the softwares you need to have a good retrogaming experience on your PC. RetroBat is designed to run in Portable Mode. It means that you can either start it from HDD or from any removable storage device, as long as you do it on a computer that meets the requirements.

RetroBat v5.2 changelog:
– Fixed A and B (south and east) button inversion when configuring a controller in EmulationStation
– Fixed OpenBOR controls injection
– Fix .tzx extension for ZXSpectrum (was incorrectly set in es_systems file)
– Fix duckstation memcards path setting (path was duplicated)
– Fix Retroarch device type injection using remaps (might consequently fix some device type injection for RetroArch cores)
– Fix snes9x features (audio interpolation values were wrong)
– Fix yuzu renderer selection (was always forced to vulkan)
– Fix yuzu motion not working
– Fix XEMU dvd_path issue for newer versions
– Fix RetroAchievements popups not displaying in first beta version
– Fix monitor index / bezels for pcsx2-QT (tentative, might not be completely solved yet)
– Fix missing ‘disableautocontrollers’ option for Supermodel (model3)
– Removed non-working .zip & .7z extensions from gba2players system
– Fix NEOCD default BIOS (CD-Z instead of UNIVERSE BIOS), improves load speed
– Fix cemu controllers (added feature to select controller type for player 1 and 2 as some games accept only 1 gamepad and some others require only pro controllers), also added options to use Real Wiimotes (with dolphinbar)
Additional cores, emulators, systems
– jaguarCD with BigPEmu
– Commodore PET (vice_xpet)
– Commodore CPlus/4 (vice_xplus4)
– Cannonball (outrun libretro port)
– wasm-4 (fantasy console)
– Atari XE Game System (mame – mess)
– Coleco Adam (mame- mess)
– Acorn Archimedes (mame – mess)
– Acrorn ATOM (mame – mess)
– emuscv core for scv system
– NO$GBA for GBA system
– libretro:parallel_n64 added to n64dd system (compatible with .ndd full NDD games only, not extensions)
– bump mame to 0.253
– bump rpcs3
– bump scummvm (standalone & core) to 2.7.1
– Add features for following emulators : nosgba, RPCS3, PCSX2 (resolutions & precaching of custom textures), Teknoparrot, xemu, yuzu, dolphin-triforce, dolphin, xenia (language), scummvm, cemu (controllers), mame standalone, bigpemu
– Add features for following cores : pokemini, picodrive, ppsspp, prosystem, puae, potator, bsnes & bsnes_hd_beta, quasi88, prboom, px68k, craft, swanstation, mrboom, stella & stella2014, same_cdi, sameduck, RACE, 81, vecx, TGBDual, vice (all vice cores), tyrquake, desmume, melonds, opera, 4do, a5200, pcsx_rearmed, parallel_n64, mgba, atari800, crocoDS, citra, caprice32, bluemsx, desmume, desmume 2015, dosbox-pure, handy, mame2003
– Added selection of softlist, media type and machine type for MESS systems (in libretro:mame and mame64)
– Add feature in Yuzu, Ryujinx to invert face buttons to match XboX controller layout
– Add custom textures feature for citra
– Add option to rotate screen in FinalBurn cores and flycast (TATE mode)
– Add option to select controller type in multiple cores (advanced settings>controls)
– Dolphin Load/ResourcePacks paths moved to \bios\dolphin-emu instead of \emulators\dolphin\user
– Inject hotkeys in pcsx2 & dolphin emulators
– Controllers injection : better detection of controller index through activation of SDL HINTs
– Added extensions : .chd (fmtowns), .hdf (AMIGA systems), .rpk (ti99), .dsk (coco), .nib (c64)
– Daphne : no need to use Windows Developer mode anymore for Hypseus
– Triforce : removed constant update check for those wanting to try latest triforce emulator
– BIOS check: bump ps3 bios check to 4.90 version, added Color Computer bioses, added apple2gs bios
– Add RETROBAT identification to default ambiance decorations pictures (bezels)
– Updated RetroArch recordings folder to \retrobat\records
– Improved bezel search logic (for game-specific bezels)
– Updated systems logos in RetroBat system menu
– New feature : turbo button (on FCEUMM core only for now)
– MESS system grouping review
– Correction of platforms in es_systems.cfg
– add guns option to mesen core
– New “cheats” folder for cheats (used for RetroArch and PCSX2) : \retrobat\cheats
– Bump to dokan2 for XBOX iso mount
– new pcsx2-qt.exe compatibility (for these who want to upgrade to latest nightly pcsx2.exe)
– Added retroachievements sound customization

Download: RetroBat v5.2

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