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EmuCR:Emu7800 Emu7800 v5.4.0.0 Preview 5 is released. EMU7800 was originally completed in 2003 as a .NET programming exercise, being ported to the litany of subsequent now defunct .NET platforms (Windows Phone, Silverlight, UWP, etc.). EMU7800 continues to be maintained to the present day as a non-commercial endeavor.

Emu7800 v5.4.0.0 Preview 5 Changelog:
Preview release, built with .NET 8 preview5 AOT native code generation. Added support for the 7800 bankset bankswitch cartridge formats (includes PETSCII Robots Shareware.)

Download: Emu7800 v5.4.0.0 Preview 5
Source: Here

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