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EmuLinker-K v0.10.7 is released. EmuLinker-K is a server that uses the Kaillera protocol to facilitate online multiplayer for emulators. EmuLinker-K is a Kotlin rewrite of EmulinkerSF, with an emphasis on measuring and improving performance, patching security and privacy vulnerabilities, and adding useful features for both server owners and users. EmuLinker-K is maintained by nue.

EmuLinker-K v0.10.7 changelog:
Restructure as Maven project by @hopskipnfall in #1
Add github CI maven config by @hopskipnfall in #2
Fix support for charset Shift_JIS by @hopskipnfall in #3
Format with google-java-format by @hopskipnfall in #4
ErrorProne support and suggested patches by @hopskipnfall in #5
Add RuntimeFlags config class by @hopskipnfall in #6
Use Maven dependency for picocontainer, also get rid of more jars by @hopskipnfall in #7
JP support for messages config. v0.93.1 (Beta) by @hopskipnfall in #8
Add ability to package to a single jar. by @hopskipnfall in #9
Delete more deps and avoid issues with java 9+ by @hopskipnfall in #10
Add a run command by @hopskipnfall in #11
Integrate EmuLinkerSF v92.7 changes by @hopskipnfall in #12
Fix formatter by @hopskipnfall in #13
Documentation and string changes. by @hopskipnfall in #14
Random cleanups by @hopskipnfall in #15
AutoValue for V086 Actions by @hopskipnfall in #16
Use Strings.isNullOrEmpty() and fix one last Shift_JIS-related bug by @hopskipnfall in #17
Replace picocontainer with dagger for Dependency Injection by @hopskipnfall in #18
Use a stable config that can be set by tests by @hopskipnfall in #19
Use generics for V086 actions and handlers by @hopskipnfall in #20
Read project info (including version) from pom. by @hopskipnfall in #21
Add application metrics for RPC latency, etc. by @hopskipnfall in #22
Fix logging to file. by @hopskipnfall in #23
Add Docker and Graphite by @hopskipnfall in #26
Add ability to automatically post tweets when users create games by @hopskipnfall in #27
Convert most of the code base over to Kotlin by @hopskipnfall in #28
Rewrite most of the rest of the codebase to Kotlin by @hopskipnfall in #29
Rewrite Java threading logic to Kotlin by @hopskipnfall in #30
Kotlin kleenup by @hopskipnfall in #31
Probably fix the bug that caused multiplayer to break by @hopskipnfall in #32
Assorted cleanups by @hopskipnfall in #36
Address vulnerabilities in maven dependencies by @hopskipnfall in #37
Fix bug where updating server lists does not correctly show the number of users/games by @hopskipnfall in #38
Refactor some common statues to enums by @hopskipnfall in #39
Begin to refactor some stuff. Do some other things too. by @hopskipnfall in #40
Code cleanup by @hopskipnfall in #42
Improve /lagstat command by @hopskipnfall in #43
Patch improved lagstat bug by @hopskipnfall in #44
Bump kotlin and dagger to the latest versions. by @hopskipnfall in #45
Fix /lagreset to work with improved lagstat big spikes. by @hopskipnfall in #46
Fake kaillera client code for intensive testing by @hopskipnfall in #48
Re-implement threading logic to use coroutines by @hopskipnfall in #47
Move the maven pom to the parent directory so Intellij likes it better by @hopskipnfall in #49
More coroutines cleanup by @hopskipnfall in #50
Update deps by @hopskipnfall in #51
Changes by @hopskipnfall in #52
More cleanup by @hopskipnfall in #53
Cleanups on a long flight by @hopskipnfall in #54
Fix logging by @hopskipnfall in #55
Switch to ktfmt by @hopskipnfall in #57
Refactor v086 protocol message serialization/deserialization by @hopskipnfall in #58
Remove channel buffer, which may improve performance by @hopskipnfall in #59
Rename Request and Notification message names as their toString representations are not clear by @hopskipnfall in #60
Set maximum parallelism to 1 for TwitterBroadcaster. by @hopskipnfall in #65
Improve logging, mark areas for fixing, update metrics logging. by @hopskipnfall in #66
Apply changes from #67 to HEAD, improve cleanup logic for users. by @hopskipnfall in #68
Add CompiledFlags by @hopskipnfall in #69
Upgrade Kotlin version, remove some sources of lag by @hopskipnfall in #70
Update master servers list address. by @hopskipnfall in #74
Require minimum Java version 11 by @hopskipnfall in #75
Random cleanups by @hopskipnfall in #76
Invoke user timeout logic, tweak large lag spike threshold by @hopskipnfall in #77
Get rid of KailleraUser, KailleraGame, and KailleraServer interfaces by @hopskipnfall in #79
Revert to before coroutines by @hopskipnfall in #82
Remove guava dependency, clean up logging. by @hopskipnfall in #83
Add a server info welcome message, make KailleraServer a singleton. by @hopskipnfall in #84
Revert Kaillera(User|Server).* string names which were changed accidentally. by @hopskipnfall in #85
s/EmuLinkerSF-netsma/EmuLinker-K/ for Kotlin by @hopskipnfall in #86
Code cleanup by @hopskipnfall in #87
Prompt admins to update the server if one is available when they log in by @hopskipnfall in #88
Tweak large lag threshold 70ms -> 50ms. by @hopskipnfall in #89
Add CheckinTask to call a central server by @hopskipnfall in #90
Update mast...

Download: EmuLinker-K v0.10.7
Source: Here

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