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EmuCR: Stella DSStellaDS v6.7 is released. StellaDS is an Atari 2600 (VCS) console emulator for your DS/DSi. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a26/bin format. Twilight Menu++ wants to see the file extension be .a26 (you can just rename .bin)

StellaDS Changelog:
Fix for Sword of Surtr so it runs correctly.
Hold L+R shoulder buttons for ~1 second to take a snapshot of the screen (written to SD card)
DSi now defaults to the 'Accurate' BUS MODE for maximum compatibility.
Improved data bus handling for undriven pins in Tia::Peek() for improved compatibility.
A few more tweaks to a few more games to make them as accurate as possible.

Download: StellaDS v6.7
Source: Here

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