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EmuCR:SkyEmu SkyEmu Git (2023/07/29) is released. SkyEmu is a low level GameBoy, GameBoy Color and Game Boy Advance emulator. Its primary focus is to provide a good user experience through a good mixture of tradeoffs of accuracy, performance, features and usability.

Highly accurate Game Boy Advanced emulation
Game Boy and Game Boy Color Emulation
Experimental Nintendo DS support (only capable of running homebrew currently)
Cross Platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Web App (with touch screen controls for iOS and Android)
Game Controller and Rumble Support with configureable keybinds
4x Save Slots with screenshot preview
Game fastforward and rewind support (supporting very long rewind times)
Support for emulating the Real Time Clock
CPU, MMIO, and Memory Debuggers
Dark and Light Themes
Support for loading official BIOSs dumps

SkyEmu Git Changelog:
* 【Frontend】More robust axis detection
* 【Frontend】Update localization. Phase 1
* 【Frontend】Allow FF/RR buttons to toggle behavior.
* 【Frontend】Fixed a bug that caused one extra frame to be stepped
* Only update the HCS port when editing is completed.
* Add edit_cheat command
* Add remove_cheat command
* Add /cheats command
* Immediately return in /status to avoid potential stack overwrite
* Buffer size check before access in se_join_path
* 【SDL】Patch out -Werror that caused compilation on Ventura to fail


Download: SkyEmu Git (2023/07/29) : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain send
Web: https://web.skyemu.app/
Source: Here

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