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Hypseus SingeHypseus Singe v2.11.1 is released. Hypseus is a fork of Matt Ownby's Daphne. A program to play laserdisc arcade games on a PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. This version includes Singe support for Fan Made and American Laser Games.

Hypseus Singe v2.11.1 changelog:
Note: The release contains new files required within the pics and sound folders.
If upgrading, ensure the new files are copied to your existing folder setup.
Note (default setting change): SDL linear scaling filter is now off by default with the new overlay system. This was commonly disabled by many users, the setting can give better results on certain overlays than others. User discretion advised. The previous display behaviour can be restored with -linear_scale
Note: The release rewrites the logical viewport display functionality, allowing game window and bezel placement anywhere on the visable area. This gives better support for vertically orientated displays with full cabinet layout. It also provides several other benefits.
Note: This release removes the legacy Singe overlay functions which will mean some early ported Singe games will require updated LUA and sprites from the partner data repo. You can download the full data repo via the releases page.
If you experience Singe overlay alignment issues with this release, download the latest data from the above repo.
Full logical viewport placement of the game window is now implemeted.
Stern: Goal to Go (1983) emulation is now supported via ROM gtg.
GPWorld has playability improvements including [non authentic] samples.
Bilinear scaling is now off by default. Re-enable with -linear_scale
Singe legacy overlay functions have been removed from codebase: (See notes).
-shiftx and -shifty can now use the whole logical viewport.
Badlands 'Shoot Lamp' notification has changed from txt to sprite.
Daphne overlay vertical_shift values are now observed.
Singe 2 Framework folder no longer needs .daphne extention when used with -retropath.
Scanlines with incremental shunt + value shown, when using Alt-Backspace.
screen number is displayed when using -scorepanel and KEY_TILT
-fvalue Singe argument added for game dev tools: Frameviewer
Usage information will be displayed if hypseus is run without arguments.
F4 is set, by default, for Singe 2 'Save/Load' config alignment.
8bit overlay switching should be fixed...
'Us vs Them' attract mode fixed.
Various other overlay improvements.
Arguments change overview:
-linear_scale - restore the linear filter on scaling (old default).
-scale_shift[x|y] renamed to -shift[x|y] and now have extended value outside -scalefactor
-vertical_screen flips calculations for usage on new portrait orientated logical viewports.
-set_overlay has now been removed from Singe arguments.
gtg game specific -compact argument removes TMS 256 to 320 pixel stretching. See also -linear_scale
-annunlamps alternate staggered conversion style lamp layout - ace annunciator bezel.
-fvalue can be used to pass float values to LUA for game debug.
Video resolutions: In the new viewport, MPEG resolutions are absolute. SDL will no longer use RenderSetLogicalSize() to 'fit' to screen. Video resolutions larger than those capable by the screen may have areas positioned outside the viewable area. To combat this issue, large video resolutions can be resized via -x and -y on displays with resolution issues.
The Singe reworking should not require any re-encoding, or re-aquirement, of video/audio content. Only the .singe ( LUA) and other periphral game data requires updating. This is analagous to ROM data upgrades. If you have updated game data from the repo recently, no further changes should be required.
If you have deployed Singe games that use the Framework folder and are using the -retropath argument: You will need to remove the .daphne extension from the Framework.daphne folder. Simply calling it Framework, no other changes should be required.

Download: Hypseus Singe v2.11.1
Source: Here

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