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EmuCR: RMGRMG v0.4.6 is released. Rosalie's Mupen GUI is a free and open-source mupen64plus GUI written in C++. It offers a simple-to-use user interface.

RMG changelog:
Fix copying a string out-of-bounds in RMG-Core
Fix memory leak in GLideN64 (see gonetz/GLideN64#2792)
Add experimental support for wayland on linux (you can enable it by setting RMG_WAYLAND to 1)
Add RMG, mupen64plus and n64 keywords to the desktop file (thank you @loganmc10)
Add joystick hat support to RMG-Input
Add native vulkan support (video plugins can now use vulkan natively without having to use OpenGL for presentation, see mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#1022)
Add current render mode to the status bar (OpenGL or Vulkan)
Add information regarding the On-Screen display to the OSD tab of the settings dialog (the OSD will only work with OpenGL video plugins)
Improve build process by building with LTO and stripping release binaries
Update mupen64plus-video-parallel

Download: RMG v0.4.6

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