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Swiss r1527 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@Extrems committed:
Update xxHash to v0.8.2.
Update Redump database.
Add Broadband Adapter emulation for FSP.
Make TXFIFOCNT internal.
Passthrough writes to MAR0-7.
Only enable Broadband Adapter emulation for games that can make use of it.
Avoid reading packet header over again.
Optimize fragment crossing on Wiikey Fusion. (untested)
Properly compare file names.
Create new context for alarm handler in early SDK.
Don't prompt for update on GC Loader HW2.
@ziggythehamster committed:
Mark the USBGecko Makefile as not being parallelizable, so that it doesn't cause the entire build to fail if you run make in parallel

Download: Swiss r1527

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