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EmuCR: SupermodelSega Model 3 UI v1.0.7.2 is released. This is a simple UI for the Supermodel. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator.

Additional features:
Borderress can now be set.
A window will appear where you can decide the display position.
Please press the 3-point leader button.
Resolution can now be selected only from the drop-down list. Need a fix?
CrossHairStyle can now be selected.
RefreshRate is fixed at 57.5246. Need a fix?
PowerPC frequency can now be set to 0.
0 is Auto
Added a Write ini button.
It is also written to the ini file when you press 'LoadRom'
Added 'Step' display to Gamelist
I didn't know the font, so I chose the normal "Arial".

Sega Model 3 UI v1.0.7.2 Changelog:
display the number of Roms you own
fix more
when determining its location and resolution.
Darken the brightness of the window background image.
A window larger than the resolution cannot be specified.
It will not work correctly if the magnification is not 100%.
The row of selected games and the number of games are now displayed.
A warning window now appears when determining some values
The resolution collection has been converted to an external file.
A warning will now appear correctly if the resolution you are trying to adjust is larger than the screen size of the main form.
You can now change the font size.
Changed the color of some controls
It may have become difficult to see.
Delete Write ini button
Written to ini file when app closes
Changed some snap images.

Download: Sega Model 3 UI v1.0.7.2
Source: Here

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