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EmuCR: LemonadeLemonade Alpha 2 is released. Lemonade is an open source and experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo 3ds system on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.

Lemonade Alpha 2 Changelog:
Implement initial support for Windows, Linux and MacOS (untested)
Fix most of Luigi's mansion 2 performance issues (mainly on PC) @Gamer64ytb
[Strings}: Rebrand to Lemonade completed @dnmodder
[Windows 11]: Implement Mica theme to the title-bar @kleidiss
[Hacks]: Implement Y2R Perform Hack (fix danball senki w chou custom, danball senki wars) @Gamer64ytb
[Hacks]: Implement Display Transfer Hack (fix tales of the abyss, pacman party 3d) @Gamer64ytb
[Android]: UI rebrand @Ishan09811
[Android]: Performance/fixes for Mali GPU's and OpenGL @Ishan09811
[GPL]: Upgrade to GPL3.0 FROM GPLV2+

Download: Lemonade Alpha 2 Windows
Download: Lemonade Alpha 2 Android
Source: Here

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