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touchHLE v0.2.2 is released. touchHLE is a high-level emulator (HLE) for iPhone OS apps. It runs on modern desktop operating systems, and is written in Rust.As an HLE, touchHLE is radically different from a low-level emulator (LLE) like QEMU. The only code the emulated CPU executes is the app binary and a handful of libraries; touchHLE takes the place of iPhone OS and provides its own implementations of the system frameworks (Foundation, UIKit, OpenGL ES, OpenAL, etc).
The goal of this project is to run games from the early days of iOS. Only iPhone/iPod touch apps for iPhone OS 2.x have been tested so far. Modern/64-bit iOS app support is explicitly a non-goal, and support for apps that aren't games is unlikely to be prioritized due to the complexity. On the other hand, it's likely that we'll attempt to support apps for some newer 32-bit versions (especially 3.x and 4.x) and the iPad in future. iPhone OS 1.x support might be attempted also. Currently only three apps are supported. The list will surely grow with time. :)

touchHLE v0.2.2 Changelog:
New working apps:
Rayman 2 (@ciciplusplus)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (@ciciplusplus)
Earthworm Jim (@ciciplusplus)
Castle of Magic (@ciciplusplus)
API support improvements:
Various small contributions. (@alborrajo, @WhatAmISupposedToPutHere, @ciciplusplus, @hikari-no-yume, @LennyKappa, @Skryptonyte, @teromene)
AAC audio files (AAC-LC in a typical MPEG-4 container) are now supported in Audio Toolbox. This is done in a fairly hacky way so it might not work for some apps. (@hikari-no-yume)
There is now support for iPhone OS 3.0 apps, in addition to the existing support for iPhone OS 2.x apps:
Support for fat binaries has been added. touchHLE will no longer crash when trying to run an app with both ARMv6 and ARMv7 versions, and instead will try to pick the best available option (ARMv7, or failing this, ARMv6). This improves compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0 apps, many of which use fat binaries in order to improve performance on the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd generation). (@WhatAmISupposedToPutHere)
The bundled ARMv6 dynamic libraries, libgcc and libstdc++, have been updated to their iPhone OS 3.0.1 versions. Previously the iPhone OS 2.2.1 versions were used. (@hikari-no-yume)
touchHLE will no longer output a warning when trying to run an app with iPhone OS 3.0 as its minimum OS version. The warning now only appears for apps requiring iPhone OS 3.1 and later. (@hikari-no-yume)

Download: touchHLE v0.2.2
Source: Here

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