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NINTV-DS v5.1 is released. NINTV-DS is an Intellivision console emulator running on the DS/DSi. The Intellivision is a home video game console released by Mattel Electronics in 1979.

NINTV-DS Features:
All known games run at full speed on a DSi or above.
Many games run very close to full speed on the older DS-LITE and DS-PHAT hardware but you can play with config settings to get the most out of these games.
Custom Overlay Support. See the 'extras' folder for details.
Manual/Instruction Support. See the 'extras' folder for an example.
Save Sate support (3 save slots per game).
High Scores for up to 10 scores pre game with various sorting options.
Cheat / Hack support using NINTV-DS.cht (see 'extras' folder and place in /data directory)
Tons of button / controller mapping options. Dual-Controller support (run and shoot at the same time).
JLP support for accelerated functions, extra RAM and flash memory. When loading a game, use the X button to load and force JLP support ON if not auto-detected.
ECS support for ECS games including sound-enchanced games like Space Patrol (use ECS mini-Keyboard Overlay)

NINTV-DS v5.1 changelog:
Improved STIC emulation to properly restrict MOBS for both GRAM and GROM to cards 0-63 in FG/BG mode.
Separate 2K GRAM build - experimental but functional. Use NINTV-DS-2KGRAM (will coexist with the normal NINTV-DS build)
New Gold/Black menu buttons!
Minor cleanup and tweaks as time permitted.

Download: NINTV-DS v5.1
Source: Here

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