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EmuCR:Glitch64 Glitch64 SVN r105 is released.GlideHQ is a realtime texture enhancer library with hi-resolution texture pack support for Glide64.Glitch64 is the recommended Glide3x wrapper for Glide64, the Glide video plugin for N64 emulators. It currently supports S3TC texture compression, anisotropic filtering, widescreen resolutions and simulates almost all the Glide3x hardware capabilities used by the plugin, included texture buffer capability (needed for render to texture). It is coded using the OpenGL API and uses GLSL shaders.

Traditional and non-traditional techniques have been used to achieve speed and high image quality even on a 9 year old 3Dfx Voodoo2. Although the 3Dfx Glide3x texture format naming conventions are used, the library can be expanded for generic use. The library supports 6 enhancers and 6 image filters. FXT1 and S3TC texture compression are supported.

Glitch64 SVN changelog:
Fixed settings for Pokemon Snap: fast_crc must be off
Optimization: make the software colour conversion for GR_TEXFMT_ALPHA_INTENSITY_88 format no longer required.
Provided by mudlord.
Fixed bug with negative viewport (issue #58).
Fixed settings for Mario Kart (issue #50)

Download: Glitch64 SVN r105

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  1. what emu does this plugin work on?

  2. tried it, says it errors and can't load it.

  3. sry for doublepost, but can u upload ur project64 folder on filebeam, since v1.6 fails?

  4. You can try Project64 v1.7.0.55!

  5. i got it working but its stuck playing games at a solid 50 fps cant go any higher, wish i could play games at full speed 60 fps

  6. can u guys make a small mod for pal games to run 60 fps. since 50 fps is way glitchly?
    float pal_percent = 20.0f;

    i tried to do this myself but my comp doesnt allow visual c to build it always fails looking for setup.h


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