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EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes v0.062.04 Beta is released.bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems.The purpose of the emulator is a bit different from other emulators: it focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.

bsnes v0.062.04 Beta Changelog:

I suppose I should start calling these nightlies, heh. blargg went ahead and verified every last possible edge case with regards to the S-CPU MUL / DIV registers. It uncovered a few errors in my implementation, which have since been corrected. The design used now should be a direct reflection of the hardware implementation: no actual multiplication, no actual division, and no variable-length bit-shifting.

We also spent about eight hours straight hammering away at the S-SMP test register. We have a partial understanding of TEST.d3 and TEST.d0, and a complete understanding of the other six bits. All of this has been implemented as well.

Lastly, snesreader gets a tiny update to fix Test Drive II, which broke due to a slight regression when porting the mapping code to XML.

Download: bsnes v0.062.04 Beta

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  1. This is the best snes emulator to date. I just would like some options to be more easy to find in the menus, like for e.g the save state e load state, which can only be configured instead of clicking. A better fullscreen support is also needed.


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