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EmuCR:PSX4M PSX4M v0.4.1 is released. PSX4M is a Sony PlayStation Emulator for Nokia N900 (Maemo5). It's based on updated source of PSX4ALL and incorporates Maemo specific backends written by ZodTTD. It uses new PulseAudio sound backend and HAA display scaling PSX native resolutions to 640x480 for N900 display (so it keeps correct aspect ratio). The new concept for the emulator fully utilizes Maemo osso-games-startup frontend with standalone CLI psx4m worker binary.

PSX4M v0.4.1 Changelog:
* Initial packaging.
* Implemented PulseAudio sound backend
* Implemented HAA video scaler
* Added commandline options

Download: PSX4M v0.4.1

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