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EmuCR: DaedalusX64DaedalusX64 SVN r596 is released. DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn. It is a GPL Open Source project.

DaedalusX64 SVN Changelog:
[+] Added option to use Classic menu which has been updated and work with the [] button
[+] Added so all new versions of PSP can make use of the extra memory not only the Slim (Salvy)
[~] Fixed battery display in pause menu (clock should work better, tnx salvy)
[~] Fixed so Z-fight will only be reset once in PSPrenderer
[!] Panic button now uses LTRIG + RTRIG + START (pressed for ~2 sec)

Download: DaedalusX64 SVN r596
Download: DaedalusX64 Preview Pack (2010-07-27)
Source: Here

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  1. what settings should i be putting for paper mario im doing the recommended but all i can see is a backdrop image of a blue background and stars? any ideas anyone? and the main menu flickers alot idk if anyone else is getting that?
    i have a psp 1001 gen-d prometheus-3

  2. you must put penis on your psp

  3. Paper Mario is broken since rev 588
    It will get fixed soon...

  4. Number 2 is very rude people like that we will not have the Emucr.
    Good work agian

  5. yea aside from that thanks for the update i didnt know it was broken.


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