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EmuCR:DolphinDolphin texcache-rewrite SVN r7454 is released. Dolphin texcache-rewrite is a branch of Dolphin. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a great Gamecube(NGC) and Wii emulator. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games. SSSE3 and SSE4 optimized are enabled in this build.

Dolphin SVN changelog:
texcache-rewrite: EFB Copy config settings work now.
texcache-rewrite: Merge latest from trunk
texcache-rewrite: Skeletal support for DX9 and OpenGL. They no longer crash on start-up, but they are still utterly broken.

Download: Dolphin texcache-rewrite SVN r7454 x86
Download: Dolphin texcache-rewrite SVN r7454 x64
Source: Here

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  1. sorry but in my system the video does not work at all more than for rare ddancing pixels


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