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EmuCR: Project 64Project64 Plug-in Patch v1.6.1 is released. Project 64 is a proprietary Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It employs a plug-in system that allows third-party software developers to create their own implementation of a specified component. Project64 allows the user to play Nintendo 64 games on a computer by reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew. Project64 started as an exercise by Jabo and zilmar in an attempt to see if they were capable of programming a Nintendo 64 emulator.

I´ve decided to release a patch to 1.6 that includes the majority of the plugin fixes from Project64 1.7 beta, and take a step away from the project.

I began actively working on Project64 again earlier this year, and was disappointed at the state of things. After going over 5 years, with no end in sight, the beta project became a bit silly to many. Most of the original team has left for different reasons over the years, and the community on the site has faded.

At the same time, I felt it would be irresponsible to the legacy of the project to keep important bug fixes in the beta permanently; the donations seem to go into a black hole now anyway.

Looking back it´s been longer than I would care to admit, so many great memories and new friends. First, I want to thank the people who donated over the years, this emulator was a decade of ambitious work, knowing that people appreciated it and showed it really did matter to the team. There are too many people to thank individually, but special thanks to Gent, RadeonUser, Witten, and Smiff - you guys pushed the project forward in too many ways to mention, and truly defined my experience working on the project with you.

I am doing this independently of the project, it is not an official release.


Audio Plugin:
tarzan and hydro thunder to have audio now due to buffering changes

Input Plugin:
configuration dialog gamepad polling stops at first hit now properly
ported the polling order from 1.7 which should be more reliable
uses system keyboard names now
updated layout to be more like 1.7 changes

D3D8 Plugin:
bugfix: fixed a problem where the plugin could crash if it ran out of video memory
bugfix: fixed microcodes for blast corps, body harvest, ODT, and asteroids
1080: fixed europe region effects
40winks: fixed strange texturing issue
bangoi: sprite edges should look correct
banjotooie: fixed puzzle rendering and other regions
cruisin usa: brake lights work
dragonsword: menu text drawing and scaling fixed
drmario: fixed background in versus mode
fzero: fixed potential triangle overflow issue
goldeneye: fixed calculations of sky triangles
legoracer: fixed players going out of sight
mkart: fixed whomps in bowser castle
mkart: racetrack frame buffer support
oot: end of game subscreen issues
paperboy: fixed map drawing in game
pdark: fixed scanners
tarzan: fixed butterfly and health meter
vigilante8: fixed some textures
zeldamm: fixed day transition borders and lens of truth in snow areas

Download: Project64 Plug-in Patch v1.6.1
Download: Project64 Plug-in Only v1.6.1
Source: Here


  1. It shows PJ64 v1.7 is such a failure asking for donation that one of its developer is now releasing an unofficial fix for PJ64 v1.6.

    Anyway, a good decision taken to update v1.6 which is really old and lagging behind in term of fixes.

  2. The reason the PJ64 community is dying is because they close out the beta making it available only to the few. After years of being stagnate on version 1.6 to the public. Feed back stops. There is nothing more to talk about. If updates were public like most EMUs, then the forums would be teaming with people sharing finds and asking for help for every new version.
    They should just release the source and let the world work with it. It's too damn slow of progress and it's about time let it things progress on this dying EMU. There are so many out there willing to take on the source.

  3. Please, can you Create a Zip Only Version, Pj64update.msp is buggy

  4. I just dont understand why they dont release the source so people who want to make this emulator better can.They have milked the donation scam for long enough,do everyone who donated a favor and make it open source!!!!!

  5. It isn't buggy, LEARN TO READ & FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!

    BTW: http://mir.cr/ACOCWWEI

    YW ;)

  6. The source is the developer ultimate weapon to "collect" donation money for as long as people are "crazy" over the over-hype v1.7.

    It is good source revenue but I hope J departure will knock some sense into Z.

  7. Wouldn't this just make 1.6 perform the same as does. That's already available on EmuCR. http://down.emucr.com/v1/11Z4XGU9

  8. "Wouldn't this just make 1.6 perform the same as does. That's already available on EmuCR. http://down.emucr.com/v1/11Z4XGU9"

    Leaked versions can't be trusted due to potential viruses. Period.

  9. I think the N64 community and plugin developer should start moving away from Z plugin spec because compliance to that spec makes it more important than it should be.

    Collecting donation money is ok but using a closed beta and closed source unless people donate is not honorable for a N64 emulation guru.

    Look at its forum, Z doesn't answer to his users post for help unless it concerns problem with donation. The whole forum is spammed by a bunch of bootlickers while Z doesn't even bother to exercise admin control.

    Any decent N64 users will not want to read spammed posts in such a forum making it a gossip "column" forum.

  10. @Mackay1985

    hahahaha, i have 1.7.50 ver23 leaked and it is clean, Kaspersky Network Secutiry give Trusted certication to this version.

    Fuck Mercenary developers

  11. good job jabo, the best plugin for project64

    visit mi web of classics games

    (translate in right bar)

  12. @ anon 11

    You are correct.the pj64 forum has become a little haven for a bunch of little punks.also the only time Z actually logs on is to address a donation problem.how sad.you know Z could really make it up to everyone by making it open source,but he wont

  13. The only reason why Z is able to continue to put PJ64 v1.7 on closed beta for so long to collect donation money is because N64 emu and plugin developers continue to comply with Z plugin spec.

    Like I said before, N64 comunity should rally together and move away from Z spec. With support from other emu and plugin developers, Z will have to either do an official release of PJ64 v1.7 or release his source or face a dwindling of donation money.

    Very soon, crazy v1.7 fans will realize it is not worth to donate to "buy" a product as a standalone. There are always better option which they do not know.

    Want to collect donation money, do it with honor.

  14. typo in #15 - I mean "Without support ..."

  15. Z has contributed to the N64 community with his Z plugin spec and others but he has also received his well deserved praise, accolades and recognition as N64 emulation guru including donation money.

    The point is not whether he should or should not release his PJ64 v1.7 source but he has stopped contributing to the N64 community.

    As a N64 emulation guru who continues to receive donation money, Z should not stop contributing to the N64 community. PJ64 v1.7 is successful not just because of his own effort but contribution from plugin developers who comply with his spec so that his users have a variety of choices when using his emu.

    He should have at least release his PJ64 v1.6 source after starting on v1.7 so that other developers following his spec cannot continue to benefit and revive the dying N64 community because Z has decided to shut the rest of the world from his v1.7 unless people donate - isn't it the same as holding users at ransom?

    Obviously, nobody can force Z to change his mind but the N64 community should rally together to cast his spec aside so that his "product" become a standalone and he has to work very hard to get his deserve donation money.

  16. ypo in #17 - I mean "can continue ..."

  17. All the little punks over at PJ64 forum are in a state of confusion. Some of them are still unaware which make it so funny.

    Their world of N64 revolves around PJ64 v1.7 and its forum. It is about time for them to wake-up and see what is happening around the world.

  18. Hahaha
    You guys should go over to PJ64 official forum and start reading their latest post. Not only are they in a state of confusion but some members are starting to suggest releasing the source and unhappy about donating to a dead project.

    All sort of craps talk. Read and have a good laugh for the day.

  19. Guys,
    Have noticed that Z has not clarified about J departure or the unofficial update to PJ64 v1.6 or the comment made by J in his blog about donation money going into a black hole etc.

    He probably doesn't even care so long as the donation money keep coming. We shall wait and see how long Z remains quiet about the whole matter.

    .... to be continued (this is getting interesting!)

  20. The Emu-Community should support open projects like Mupen & Co. and port those to WinSh*t if necessary. Much easier and has some future to come!

  21. I would rather see Mupen64 being improved upon rather than Mupenplus because the latter seems to have more issues compared to the older Mupen64.

    Besides the older Mupen64 already has a gui which just needs an update to the gui and lagging fixes etc. Why bother with Mupenplus which concentrate its effort on Linux only.

  22. Guys,
    Iconoclast is making a valiant effort to rescue PJ64 forum by making positive response to alot of posts. Unfortunately, that forum is tainted by too many spammed and gossip posts and any rescue effort will be very difficult especially when its admin(Z) doesn't even care.

    Z is still keeping quiet which is so hilarious because its members are guessing, confused and uncertain about their donation money and PJ64 future.

  23. If you read Squall post about PJ64 v1.7 actually depends more on Glide64 and nRage for its plugins rather than Jabo plugins, basically to play down the effect of Jabo leaving PJ64 project.

    But it is precisely my point that PJ64 v1.7 success is not entirely on Z but compliance to Z spec so that its users can have a variety of choices when using Z emu.

    So, Z should not stop contributing to the N64 community by keeping its beta closed for so many years and not releasing the older v1.6 source. He is able to continue to collect donation money because other plugins developer is helping to make his emu more important than it should. Without these plugins, its emu as a standalone has no value unless he decides to write his own plugin and support it.

    That is the point. Z has to work very hard for his donation money if he insist on keeping closed beta and source and not share with the rest of the N64 community.

  24. Squall is now making a valiant effort at Emutalk, responding to PJ64 queries as positive as he can ever be. But Z never even make an effort to response to his users cry for help at his own forum not to say Emutalk.

    Is it really worth the effort to help someone who thinks of himself?

  25. thanks for this patch. at least something is being done! it's a shame N64 is being neglected, here's hoping PJ64 1.7 comes through

  26. Bill Gate's lowly discipleSeptember 27, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    No need of emulators to play Banjo-Kazooie.

    Microsoft released a PC version, same the XBLA version for Xbox 360.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?68ihbyf5ukdnedc

  27. Bill Gate's lowly discipleSeptember 27, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    It's called: Banjo-Kazooie for PC (Games for Windows Live)

    I hope you enjoy it. ;)

  28. this A W E S O M E !!!!!

    Banjo-Kazooie for PC, finally! thanks to Microsoft and Rare for released this classic game for Windows users.

    emulators is crap, native games is the best choice.

  29. Try asking Bill Gate to release every single N64 game on pc for free, then we can throw away the "crap emulators & plugins".

  30. You can't even donate to PJ64 anymore, it seems that zilmar doesn't care. There's still a survey spam blocking the official 1.6 download page..

    The beta only has small improvements here and there, many of which are buggy. Certain things are broken that aren't broken in 1.6. And it's not even being developed further.

    It's a shame. It's not just because of the donation system, Donators are left wondering/waiting too, it's just that zilmar doesn't care much (or eternally busy), and wants to keep the source closed.

    Now, PJ16 1.4, 1964 and Mupen are all open source -- any coder can take the code and learn from it, but Project64 1.6 still remains the best emulator, and the only one capable of running certain games. So I don't think there really exists anyone that can take it on.

    1964 was discontinued, mupen64plus hasn't had a commit in ages, N64 emulation has very weak support.

    So just hope for the N64 scene and wait.. til then just enjoy what already exists.

    Also, that banjo-kazooie PC version is just a RAR with 3 (E) Roms renamed to EXE, so don't run it.

  31. my dream is the perfect emulation of Donkey Kong 64, running in widescreen 1080p, PC.

    but ... if I depend on these incompetents PJ64 developers, my dream is ruined -__-'

  32. RIP PJ64 - the N64 community do not need greedy developer.

  33. PJ64 forum is no longer accessible???
    Is PJ64 dead?

    Anyway the developer is only contributing to his own pocket - so it is better off "dead".

  34. You know, I feel that 1.7 was a waste of $20. I notice that there are not many real changes, and games that run fine in 1.6 are stuttering in 1.7 like Goemon's Great Adventure for example. I mean, look at emulation of all the popular systems, N64 emulation still lags behind for some odd reason. Hell, even epsxe still gets updates even though its about once in a few years or so, and it emulates 90% of everything with no problems, especially if you keep 1.6.0 around to fix regression problems. Even SSF has gotten far for an Saturn emulator with much less support than N64 emulation.

  35. It is lagging behind because the developer has no intention of spending time on improving the emulator. Most of the so called changes are just "cosmetic changes" and it is merely to entice ignorance "fanboy" to "donate / buy" the so-called improved version. It is so pathetic.


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